The Time Has Come

You have been watching it happen from the day you were born. The process of creation happening. Right before your eyes. People taking inspired, intentional actions in their lives to make things happen.

But, perhaps what was missing was that you didn’t know the karmic circumstances behind each story that you watched playing out. The karmic momentum behind everyone who was in your life in any significant way. That the stories behind the people with whom they grew up had a lot of karmic momentum to them. And the other thing they didn’t tell you was that the universe will create ANY story you present to it with equal vigor. It has always been up yo you to decide what happens, or not. And, perhaps you were never taught about your own karmic disposition. Well, now that can be fixed.

When we think of all the paradigms playing out, constantly, over time … we are always watching people going through the creative process. CEO’s starting up companies. Composers refining the compositions. Writers creating the next screenplays. Designers coming up with something new. All of these things probably have happened today. And they will most likely happen tomorrow too. Were you involved in any of those things? Best be getting to it.

And enjoy the ride. If we were to truly believe that our dreams will be coming true, and that new, improved dreams will be showing up to follow these. And all that you care about is if you are engaged in creating flow now. In these days here. Authentic to your purpose and preferences. And knowing how to truly enjoy your life.

If you can hit on all cylinders in those three arenas, taking regular actions on your heart and soul’s inspirations, then the chances quadruple that your dreams can actually fulfill themselves in your life. The rest of the story is whatever you choose to write in it.

There comes a time when the higher consciousness in you, and in your ego, are having a regular conversation. They know what’s on each others’ plates. And your soul can point out, to your ego, if you get too far off base, because your ego is actually listening to your heart and soul.

That’s when authenticity becomes the most pronounced attribute of you as a human being. The rest are details that do not require any dialogue, or fret. You cannot do it wrong. And you cannot do it all. But you can do that vision that your soul has been showing you. Engage today, as if you know it will happen. The faith of a mustard seed should suffice. And then take the next steps. And all the while your ego can order what it will, off the menu.

Spending time in nature is a good place to tune into your Soul’s presence. The peace in nature will reflect it back to you. Get out in nature. By yourself. In silence if you prefer. You can feel the very high vibration of YOU. The BIG You. The other end of your Soul. The doorway to the Heaven that exists in your now. Technically you would call it unconditional Love. It never says no. How BIG can you dream?

Trust that your journey has given you everything you need in this moment. Everything you need to know is within you now. Be patient with yourself. Yet keep refining your Soul’s vision, and taking regular actions on it. Always keeping your affairs in order. Be careful with your choices that influence your living. A vision can be, for many, years out. You do not have to quit and move to timbuktu two tomorrow.

Practice with easy things, until you can trust exactly what your inspirations are telling you to do. As you practice following your inspirations more and more, your next steps will make themselves evident.

Find yourself Loving You.

Love You!

Les Jensen


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