Who are YOU to personify the Divine?

Here You are. On your spiritual journey. You have your story. You have your issues. One day at a time.

You are living in perhaps the most dynamic time in our human history. And YOUR soul had a vision for you. For THIS lifetime. A storyline that was handpicked just for YOU. Perhaps you have had glimpses of it. In your dreams. In your desires. And then there are the gifts from your past.

When we look at the collective storyline, by far the most common story is one of struggle, survival and overcoming our own karma. Yet, if we were to compare our human existence here on this planet with our own truth, it might be said that we are masters of limitations. We, Divine BEings with infinite power, are masters of making creation difficult. Masters of limitations. As if we are blindfolded, laced up in a straitjacket and chained to a tree. With no Wi-Fi access.

Enter God. God. The BIG cheese. The creator of ALL that is. How are we to know what Divinity means, unless we gain some experience with it? And what better way to know, than to let go of it all, and then re-discover the true nature of our own Divinity. When we have gone so far into the darkness that we can see even the slightest movement towards the Light, that is when we learn what Light means. At perhaps the quantum level. Boy, God sure knows what She is doing.

Enter You. Standing Ovation! Cheers all around. Angels crying tears of Joy. Oh My … God as YOU!

God, with a big ‘G’ cannot claim any glory. God has made it perfectly clear. God will not be descending from the heavens, like some big-ass glowing orb, to stop the wars. To end suffering. To end starvation. Nope. All those things are happening right now. In THIS Now. God, the BIG One, cannot claim any Glory.

It can only be through YOU. And ME. And ALL the faces of humanity that are here with us. It will be human BEings that do the deeds. That turn the tide of humanity. That CAN claim the Glory of God. As God personified. That is not narcissistic, but rather, the Truth. And those of us who can get past that mental stigma, will show up in much, much bigger ways than all others who can’t. It is God’s good pleasure to give YOU the Kingdom. Take it, for God’s sake!

Enter your Karma. Consider your Power. And then there is the Truth. Your ego has some figuring out to do.

Can you play it BIG? Really BIG? Who in history qualifies in your mind as exceptionally powerful people? Moses? Jesus? Ramses? Caesar? Gandhi? These and others embodied noble attempts to personify the Divine, certainly with impressive results. But they pale in comparison to what YOU can do. None of them had the Internet. None of them had global publishing. None of them had Twitter. Noble efforts. But THIS chapter can blow the lid off of what we thought was possible in the human story. There are legions of people who are discovering the Divinity within them. Oceans of “saviors” coming out of every walk of life. Like yours.

What IS that vision of YOUR soul? Does your ego REALLY think it’s going to happen? Is it present in your everyday thoughts and actions? Take off the chains and limitations of your past. Claim your Divinity. Do not be afraid of owning your Divinity. The more you can embody the truth, the more of your Divine Power can manifest in you, through you, as you. And THAT power is Divine Love.

Hint: Purity affords Power. Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall know God (Divinity, Creation, Truth).

Love You!

Les Jensen


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