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Rapture of the Heart

Surrendering to Love Go ahead. Just try to avoid it. Avoiding surrendering to Love cannot last. Not really. We have actually tried it. The collective consciousness has run away from Love. For many thousands of years. But now, this now right here and now, is another moment

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Integrity and Righteousness. Which Way Is the Right Road?

I mean … we ALL want to get to Heaven … Right? There is a very common mindset on this planet. A very established and old mindset of “right and wrong.” Indeed, it does have some merit to it. But then again … where did all these

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Making the Connection

Finding the Divine within you now When we created our ego, there was no outside input. Sure, our parents taught us how to do it. Perhaps not directly. At least my parents did not say, Les, you are growing an ego … It happened much more organically.

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The End of Surrender

Coming out of karma There is a point in our spiritual journey where everything flips over. For most of us, our spiritual journey has been about overcoming our own karma. And certainly that is a very important step. But after that … what happens then? I totally

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Ego, Narcissism and Glory

Who are YOU to personify the Divine? Here You are. On your spiritual journey. You have your story. You have your issues. One day at a time. You are living in perhaps the most dynamic time in our human history. And YOUR soul had a vision for

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Christ was an Example for Us

Find the Christ consciousness within you The Christmas Holiday is upon us. The holiday is typically celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. When we think of Jesus, we have a living example of what is possible in our human story. Jesus Christ told us that we

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We, the people, are the source of authentic power

When the Citizens heal (enlighten) the kingdom will thrive … every time So what is your idea of power? What does “powerful” mean to you? An army? A hurricane? Nuclear power? What is powerful? If you were to imagine the appearance of power, what would that be?

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Serenading the Divine

We live in a sea of Divinity, yet what does our mind see? Don’t look now, but God is here. With a well-trained eye, one can see the Divine right here, right now. The universe is not divided against itself. It is a whole. Complete. Inclusive. Now.

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Love, Play It on Me

Love is a very powerful thing to talk about. Love, play it on me. ~ The Who So here we are. Once again. What’s it going to be? We all have more life to live. Here is some more showing up right now. And here is yet

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Love Yourself Without Reason, Cause, or Expectation

Love is the path to your return to grace All of us are spot-on. We are perfect in our own right. The way(s) we choose IS our path. No matter what. You cannot choose wrong. You cannot fall from grace. No matter what your storyline is, you

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