Coming out of karma

There is a point in our spiritual journey where everything flips over. For most of us, our spiritual journey has been about overcoming our own karma. And certainly that is a very important step. But after that … what happens then?

I totally get the notion of fool’s gold behind the thought that we are done with our karma. I have met countless “very spiritual” folks who carry a chip on their shoulder. The idea that the ego can think it has made it home can be an early warning sign that there is much more journey left in our journey.

But … there is a place within us, within you and me right now, where there is nothing left to let go of. Where the notion of surrendering to the Divine has nothing left to give up.

Perhaps you can think of it as building a sand castle on the beach. Your ego creates itself by building up a story. A karmic disposition. A sense of self. And perhaps it is a very nice castle. Exceptional, really. The ego finds itself as ruler supreme, the only mind around. The effort in creating the sand castle has been an all-out effort. It stands tall. An impressive display of creation.

And then, for most of us, an event takes place in our life that cracks us open. A wake-up call of sorts. And we get a glimpse of a much bigger story going on. These wake-up calls can be what sets us out upon our spiritual awakening. We start to see ourselves from a much bigger perspective. Perhaps we start meditating. Or practicing yoga. Or perhaps Qigong. Or all of the above.

We find all of this karmic imprinting within us. Really, an impressive collage of identity. The sand castle itself. Everything we see ourselves as. The ego identifies as the castle itself. And that identity provides a sense of comfort too.

All of the spiritual practices that we have embodied start to erode away the karmic imprinting in our own psyche. It is like the tide rolling in. At first, perhaps, we are afraid. Our creation will be destroyed! Everything we have worked to create is threatened. We can find ourselves being choosy over what we want to let go of. That is where we can feel like we have cleaned house, and now we are very spiritual.

But there is a much deeper realm to us. A place within us that has virtually no sense of self. No sense of any kind of existence, really. A place where no-thing exists. Where there is nothing dimensional at all. Only Light. Light. The beginning and the end of all of creation.

It is as if we watch the first waves start to erode our creation. That magnificent sand castle starts to crumble. And after several futile attempts to save our creation, we surrender. And after some very frustrating moments, we let go of it completely. Perhaps even pushing it into the surf. Weeping over our “loss.”

And when there is nothing left … that is when we discover our true Self. Our Light body. The very core of us right now. A field of Light at our core. Our own Divine essence. Our Soul is here. Yet we cannot “see” it because it is not separate from who we are. WE, as a Soul, are each experiencing pure consciousness. The ego is struck dumb in wonder. Speechless, really.

In the stillness of our own Divine essence, Unconditional Love shows us a vision of our life. This life. Now.

It is a glorious view of what our life can be. Exceptional, really. From this perspective of pure white Light, all things are possible. It is God dreaming, as us. The vision of your Soul, which has been there from before your birth, cast a vision of what your life can be. Tears flowing from your mortal eyes. A deep sense of bliss fills your awareness. And the “I AM” presence of You says, this has been made just for You. Claim it. Live it. It is the idea of Heaven for You specifically. Take it. BE it.

From that moment forward, there is nothing to let go of. There is nothing left to surrender. You can now see that who you are, in each and every moment, has always be Divine. That your desires are how God manifests in the physical realm. And the vision of your own personal Heaven is God’s good pleasure of creation fulfilling itself. Through you. As You.

Trust that You deserve it all. That the more you can embody the vision, the more you are fulfilling the Divine idea of You.

Love You!



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