Living the Dream

The journey of the Soul is such a timeless story. Since perhaps the beginning of time, Souls have looked at opportunities for incarnation. Our recent centuries have held so many varieties of archetypal experiences for us to embody. Very exciting opportunities. Stories of bravery and courage. Of fantastic triumphs and even staggering defeats.

What is it that our Souls intended in order to create such a storyline? Why would we actually choose to go so far into the darkness of karma? Did they realize just how much pain and suffering has happened in our human storyline over the generations? What was the point of it all?

God would have no problem overcoming all of this karma. Except that, in order to have this experience, God would have to load up on karma. And karma, by its very nature, removes power. In order for God to have the experiences that WE are having, God would have to “surrender” his Divine Power to karma.

And that is just what has happened to us. We are the personification of God with karma. We are the ones who were so bold as to think of actually going to the edge of darkness. Of losing our sense of Self, and disconnecting from our own truth to the point that we could have a helpless feeling. Of feeling so overwhelmed that perhaps at times we have even lost all hope.

But now we are here. Now we are standing at the doorway of perhaps the most marvelous time of all of time. In order to know what Love is, is to actually experience it from every angle. To know what Light is, is to go so far into the darkness that the tiniest sliver of Light would bring us such hope, that overwhelming Joy would fill our BEing. To take the journey back to our truth would allow every flavor of Light and Love to be poised for our own personal experience of it.

And then there is creation. The act of creating. Wow. This one perhaps is the juiciest one. To spend so many lifetimes living in the darkness and then come to a point of understanding that we actually can create whatever it is we desire is, perhaps, the doorway to Heaven on Earth. Certainly just the understanding of it does not make it happen. But, once you can get some traction with the art of creating, there comes a time when you can trust. Live in trust. Breath in every breath with a sense of expectation.

What is going to happen in your life? This life? What are your expectations of your future? Are there images of your life that your heart and soul has shown you? Does your ego ACTUALLY believe them to be possible? If someone asked you right now, what are you to do for your lifetime, what would you say? When you share with others the idea of what your life will be, how close is it to the vision of your heart and soul? Would you describe that vision perfectly? Or have you settled for less?

As we shed our karma, we practice our daily spiritual processes, letting go of the karmic imprinting of our past. Certainly that is a very essential part of the journey. But there Is a place where you come out on the “other” side. Where you find within yourself, the Light. Light. The God essence of You.

Perhaps during your first time there your ego is struck dumb in awe. And then it shows up again later on. The more we can frequent this vast expansive Light within us, the more we can come to understand that ALL of this, the entire universe, was created just for us to have this experience. And our Dreams are the Dreams of God Divine. That God does the Dreaming through us, as us. And that that vision for our life, IS the intention of God to be fulfilled.

You deserve every moment of it. You deserve the grandest of all creation. We chose to go into the darkness so that we would understand the Divinity of what it feels like to have our Dreams come true. We chose to go into the darkness to have the perspective of exquisite Joy when we actually start to believe that vision will come to fulfillment in us, through us, as us.

That dream came from compassion for all of humanity. That dream is the answer to our eons of prayers. That vision for your life will bring you a lifetime of adventure, joy and satisfaction. Trust in it. Believe it will be fulfilled. Thrust in your sickle. When you open to the expansive flow of creation, you are embodying the transcendence of darkness for all of mankind. Claim your place in the return of Heaven to Earth. It is God’s good pleasure to give it to you. Take it. That was always the desire of Creation itself.

Marvelous You!

Love and Light,



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