God will not change anything except through a Human BEing

Sure, there are the Birds and the Bees. Trees and Oceans. And then there is the solar system too. And the night sky full of countless galaxies. God/Goddess has a hand in all of creation. The Divine shows up in all of creation. There is no-thing outside of the Divine. God/Goddess is the root of all that is.

There are examples of unconditional Love. Dogs and … OK … cats too. They know how to Love. Love without conditions … well, maybe just dogs. 😉

But dogs and cats have no thoughts about the future. They are not planning months or years out into the future. It is us, the Human Beings, that are able to focus consciousness. We are able to understand the mechanics of creation. We are aware of things like DNA, quantum fields, atoms, cells, electricity, magnetism, etc.

But then there is our human footprint. We are playing a very heavy hand with our environment. We are polluting our air, water and land. We are twiddling with genetics even though our medical industry has seen escalating rates of autism, prescription addictions, deaths and such. Our awareness doesn’t automatically make things better.

Our Western minds have dabbled in every arena of understanding. We are an immensely curious species.

Our culture is seeking itself. We are experiencing upheaval in our culture. We are finding out what our shadow(s) looks like.

We are all casting our votes by what it is that we are paying our attention to. What we give our attention to will expand and persist. Our attention (consciousness) IS the consciousness of the creator itself. There is no separation. Our consciousness IS the consciousness of the creator. What we focus on IS the act of creation personified.

You are a personification of the creator. Own that. Master that. Live that. You can be the embodiment of the solution. Of Heaven itself. You can be the one that creates the future intentionally. When you purify your own personal energy persona, you clear the way for Love. Your karma is an energetic lingering of the past. Your karma is energy within your own personal energy persona.

And when ripples of karma come rolling through our culture, through the media, and social dialogues, it is your karma that can drop you into re-active cycles. When you drop into a re-action, you create the same re-sults. Re-peating the karma of the past. When you feel your energy shift, that is typically the karma, from your subconsciousness, being stirred up. Stirred up into your conscious awareness. You are being up-set. What was off the radar, sitting dormant in your subconscious, is brought into your consciousness, where you can detect it. When you notice your energy shifting, you are catching your karma. As long as the energy is in your personal energy persona, the law of attraction is bringing you teachers. Everything you mentally and emotionally re-act to, is showing you your own karma.

But wait a minute. I can’t become emotionless to what is going on. Something HAS to be done! Sure thing. I agree. But what are you going to focus on? What are you going to cast your vote towards? We can never solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. When we re-act with the same emotions that have been stirred up, we are perpetuating the feeling. No-thing is changing. It is when we resolve the energy of our re-actions that we create a NEW paradigm. Purity is where unconditional Love lives. When we cleanse the energy of our karma, and can stay present in acceptance and Love, then the whole paradigm has to surrender. It might seem like nothing is changing when you move to a place of Love. But when more and more people do that, the old paradigm cannot exist. Period.

The most powerful thing you can do is to purify your own personal energy persona, thus stopping the patterning of dropping into a karmic re-action. Do you think that if a Divine BEing, a glowing Deity, descended from Heaven, it would start arguing with humanity to “fix” it? Unconditional Love is the most powerful presence that exists. And when you can embody it, you can see that the paradigms that are playing out are those chosen, chosen, by our Souls so that we could have this experience of darkness. Nothing is broken. Not a single Soul will be lost … ever. We all return to the Light eventually. We chose to go into this paradigm of darkness so that we could know the ever face of Love.

Own Your Divinity. Own Your Vote. Find that place of unconditional Love located in the Divine Light within you now. Live there. Vote there. Put your attention on what Heaven would look like. Daydream up the vision of humanity living a peaceful, prosperous, and playful life. Heaven on Earth. You are aware that a future is coming. You are aware of your own consciousness. Spend it envisioning what you DO want. Love You!

Love, Play it on Me. ~ The Who

Love and Light,



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