Fear has no power of its own

There is nothing to fear. But yet, we can live in fear. We can find ourselves worrying about everything that is going on.

How can you find a place of happiness when the world itself might seem like it is all falling apart? How can you find happiness if your life in in ruins? How can you find happiness if you have lost what was the happiest part of your life?

Know the truth.

The more you know the truth of who you really are, the less your ego frets over what is. The consciousness behind you is timeless. It is actually God consciousness. Indeed, every thought, every where, is God consciousness. There is no separation. Ever. All that is, is a part of the Divine. But what about those terrorists? All God. What? Yes, all God.

Fear needs consciousness to exist. Fear cannot exist “by itself.” And thus fear can never “win.” Nor can “bad karma.” Fear lives in the realm of thoughts. And all thoughts need consciousness to exist. Fear has no power of its own. None. Fear cannot exist without Divine consciousness to fuel it. Without the fuel of God consciousness, there is no fear. It is a creation of the mind of man.

Sure, there is an innate fear that the body can produce, that says, “We are in danger.” I am not talking about that type of fear. I am talking about the fear our mind produces when we watch the media. The fear we produce when big aspects of our life change.

Teach your ego that ALL of your re-actions are from the conditioning from your past. Teach your ego to WANT to feel whatever comes up. And to not be afraid of those feelings. For you are safe. You are safe right now. And forever more. The consciousness behind ALL of your thinking is the presence of God within you now. “Do not Be Afraid for I am with You” (As You). The most common quote from the Bible. The karmic storyline you are living IS the lessons your Soul chose to experience, learn, and possibly Master in this lifetime.

Sure, we are in a karmic quagmire. Sure, there is plenty of heavy karma on this planet. But your Soul was exceptionally brave to even think of having THIS lifetime of yours. To get to the point of You, right now. Do not fret that you have done anything wrong … ever. Do not fret whatever has gotten you here now. It is all “forgiven.” Your “salvation” is absolute. You cannot do it wrong, ever. You have not done it wrong. You are free to surrender anything in your persona that does not serve you well.

Learn how to change your experience. Learn how to reprogram your own karma. Learn how to Love. How to Love without condition. And how to tap that inner vision of what your life can be. Teach your ego to trust that there is a path to fulfilling your dreams coming true for you. Let yourself get excited about that. Let your ego daydream a most exceptional life. And trust that is can be yours. That excitement is the garden of Joy from your Heart loving you! You ARE the personification of the creator. Master the art of creation and then feed it the vision of your Soul! Pure Authentic You!

Love You



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