Everything we seek can be found within us now

It has been said that everything OUTSIDE of us is an illusion. That every thing we see literally is not “real.” Yet there is a truth in our world that we CAN hang our hats on. And that is the experience of the “world” outside of us.

There is the idea of the Quantum field. That the Quantum space is a mirror, that reflects us, back to us. Or in other words, we create the world we “see.”

When people have had a near-death experience, they talk about the Light. And then there is the description of the creation of all that is. Again, there is the Light. In the beginning, was the Light.

When you were born, you did not have an ego. You did not hold any symbols as important. You did not assign value to any thing. Yet, here is your ego, reading this string of symbols, and assigning values to each one of them.

You are the face of God. Your own personal power IS the creative element of God’s desires. God, with a BIG ‘G’, is NOT going to decide how it all goes. Nope. That choice has been given to You. And to me as well. We, the people, are the faces of consciousness. We are the embodiment of the Divine’s intentions. Divine power will not show up as the game-changer, except through the embodiment of Divine consciousness. You are the thing itself.

Wow. Then how do we do it? How do we honor the Divine within us now? How can we even begin to scratch the surface of what is possible? How do we embody the immense power of the God consciousness within us now?

Purity. Purity affords power. Divine Power. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall know God/Creation/All-That-Is.

If you knew just how much karmic energy (inner chi) there is to resolve, you might start looking for power tools. Sometimes it seems like we are going through a landfill with a small pair of tweezers. Human consciousness is exponential. The really big karmic imprinting within you now holds so much power to be released and harvested by your Soul. But your ego, typically, decides the pacing.

The Conscious Body Scan, as written in my book, “Personal Power Fundamentals”, is a process that will give you the “power tools” you need to master the art of creation at the Divine level. The principles of Divine Power (Unconditional Love) are timeless. Yet if our ego does not engage the understanding of it, we tend to stay focused on the world outside of us, and we will not know the true potential of our own Divinity. No-thing outside of us has any power for us, really.

To truly discover the Divine within yourself, and then to come into co-union with another, that is when the mountains move.

Know the Truth of who You are. Look within.

Love You!



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