By their words will you know them

There is a scale, of sorts, that maps the levels of consciousness. With one end being Love, with a capital L. A place of immense (Divine) power. And at the other end would be some flavor of hell. On the edge of life itself. A place of powerlessness. And then, in between those two, are all the possible karmic paradigms of humanity. Although this scale is rather abstract, it does have an immense value in understanding where you are in the scheme of our human story.

You can think of your life journey as traversing the scale of human consciousness. Either up or down. At some point in our lifetimes on earth we had to be going down, to create such a dark karmic storyline for humanity. We had to have had many lifetimes of suffering, pain and sorrow. And now we are coming up and out of the karmic darkness.

I came about my spiritual journey, of sorts, quite “accidentally.” At least from my ego’s point of view. I didn’t see a “spiritual” element in my life story. I would have sworn that I was going to live out my life as a television engineer. I pretty much thought that TV was going to be the focal point of my life, for the folly that it turned out to be, for most of my early years. I so loved working in television. The engineering challenges spanned so many very diverse technologies, that my mind had plenty to keep it challenged and interested in whatever was next.

When I had my first moments of awakening, I was such the rookie. I hadn’t had a spiritual notion of anything even remotely related to our own own Divinity. Let alone the vast and deep aspects of our Divine human potential. Yet I spent plenty of years studying the nature of frequency, energy, harmony, purity, alignment, and very high power levels.

I have to laugh when I think about that. Working with technology had prepared me for working with human consciousness. Little did I know that my engineering background was to prepare me for a totally different path. As it turned out, I would end up languaging the nature of the Power of Love. And more specifically, the immense Power of Divine Love.

That provided me with a great mental platform. For my analytical mind had made countless measurements of frequency, power and purity over the decades working in television. I had seen firsthand what it looks like when energy is out of alignment. What purity had to offer. And the power that could exist peacefully when everything was in tune. And then my life path changed. I had a whole vocabulary about the nuances of energy. Everything I had learned about energy would show up in my writings too. Language about karma, emotions, mental stigmas, energy bodies, levels of consciousness (and the power behind them).

And another effect was that moment when I broke myself open. I felt so much energy come pouring out of my own personal energy persona, that I then went into my inner self and started cleaning up whatever there was to find there. I developed a habit of searching my inner chi, my inner energy, for signs of karmic imprinting. And I found a lot of it. For the past 20 years, I have had a regular practice of purifying my own energy, over and over and over again.

During the entire time of that journey of mine, I have been writing. Books, workbooks, blogs, articles and such. Like these words right here. And something has followed me all along the way. And that is my own language. The language that I’ve used in my writings has evolved as I worked on cleaning up my own karmic imprinting. Moving towards that pure authentic sense of Self within me. I found my language move away from “shoulds” and “righteousness.”

As I cleansed my own energy, I found a field of Love within me. It is like pure white Light. It has no requirements for me at all. I could not “sin.” I could not offend it. Ever. None of my choices have ever offended it. It Loves me unconditionally. It is my Divine essence. It is the source of all of my consciousness in this lifetime and every other lifetime I have, or ever will, live. The timeless Divine essence of me.

I have found another aspect of my journey that had been changing all along the way. And that was the vision of my life. The scale in which I found my relationship to Love kept stretching bigger and broader. The vision of my life kept expanding. As I was able to embody more and more Love, the vision of my life expanded too. To the point of a global effort to spread the nature of Unconditional Love.The language and the vision of my journey were the breadcrumbs of my life path up ’til now. And the whole point of this dialogue here, is to understand how to discern the people you listen to. And how you can tell where they are in the scale of human consciousness.

Listen to the words of the people with whom you interact. Love leaves a trail of grace. Grace has no wake. Grace, by its very nature, is the change itself, without struggle. The transmutation of karma. Love, and specifically Unconditional Love, does not want to steer you. It does not want to decide for you. It does not want you to be anything but what YOU want to be. Now, and forever more.

The burning bush gave a glimpse of this. “I Am that I Am.” And to flip the viewpoint over … “You Are that You Are.” Look for purity in the language. Purity is the attribute of the energy of Unconditional Love that makes grace possible. The beings and deities that are holding you in Unconditional Love, will have a purity to their language.

As we come out of the karma of the past, there will be acres and acres of seemingly “spiritual” leaders who do not vibrate very high up on the scale of human consciousness. Yet, they seek for you to follow them, somewhere. They do not offer the perspective of where to look for your own place of Heaven. They will want to take your attention elsewhere.

Take the time to listen. Listen early and often. Is their language totally allowing you to be you without any requirements at all? Do they want you to do whatever the hell you want? Do they just express ideas and concepts and let go of any requirements for you? The more there are rigid language, expectations and preferred behavioral templates, the lower the vibration of the words. Your Authentic Self and your Enlightened Self are the same Self.

And lastly, what language do you hold for yourself? Is there Love there? Do you see yourself with Unconditional Love?

There is no “spiritual” leader who can take you all the way to Heaven, because that place is within you. No spiritual teachers can language your authentic truth. One persona of consciousness can not perceive (accurately) the perceptions of any other persona of consciousness. We “see” our world through our own karmic imprinting. A unique perspective indeed. Your truly authentic desires are known only to you. And when you find yourself there, there will be only Love. You as Love. Pure Authentic You! EnJoy the journey.

Love You!



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