New Chapter, New Game
We are entering a whole new paradigm

There were so many centuries of the old-school living. The 3D world of our past. But now we are entering a whole new paradigm, in so many ways. There is a whole new “set of rules” to live your life by. Not rules in shoulds and shouldn’ts. But rather, new ways in which we experience the world around us.

We all have an Akashic record. We all have a lineage of sorts. Kind of like a genetic history of our past. But it is really even more than that. There is an etheric history of us. Personally. We all have a history of our past. And even our future history. What we knew, or will know. There are lifetimes where our bodies knew how to repair anything “wrong” with us. There are lifetimes when we had overcome every single flavor of karma. And there is this lifetime too.

The really cool thing here is where we have been. It has been told by many mystics that this lifetime, this era of Planet Earth, is being watched by many, many cultures from all over the galaxy. And they are watching US! We are the ones going through the proverbial karmic ringer. We are the ones that are living through the most transformational generation of perhaps all time.

We have the most recent memories of the 3D experience. The three-dimensional density of karma. Where we carry our past around with us. The junk in our trunk had so much sway in our everyday lives. But now things are different. We are releasing and cleansing our past. We are entering a whole new paradigm. And it will be those of us that truly understand this who will lead the way.

5D, on the other hand, is a whole new ballgame. What I mean by 5D is that our karma will not be there. Our karma of the past will be healed and released. And that affords agility. A nimbleness of sorts. Where we can shift our experience of life within the moment. We can actually tap our wisdom of the past and the future. Where we have so much more information available to us that we can know in the moment what to do or not do. Our Akashic records will make google look like a rookie.

There is a quickening that we will experience within ourselves. As we learn to live in our own knowingness. Where we can envision a vast, grand view of what our own human potential really is. And then, being in tune, we can traverse the creation of that vision will such grace and ease, that our egos are overwhelmed with Joy. Purity will be key here.

To truly master and embody our own Divine potential will involve those who are pure in heart. To cleanse your own personal energy persona will determine how much of a change you experience. Perhaps the thing to keep in mind is just how much power we had to surrender to our karma in order to be able to have the experiences we had in our past.

Karma, in our human dynamic, can be quite extensive. I suggest that you take a very intentional and focused effort to cleanse your karmic past. Think bulldozer more than just a shovel. Karma, as it relates to our own power, is exponential. The bottom of the scale of human consciousness can be totally transformed with a hug. The top, however, holds so much power, that it takes a karmic master to even nudge, let alone resolve, the immense power stored there. The last mile to enlightenment, glowing-in-the-dark purity, holds some of the most dense consciousness that exists.

Take the time to master the truth of who you are. This world that you change in the process will thank you.

The scope of your power is vast and diverse. Get Your Game On!

Love You!



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