The Divine expresses through you, as you

How good can you stand it? I mean. If indeed we are the portal of the Divine, expressing as ourselves, then what would heaven look like, to you?

There is a pattern that is very common on this planet. And that pattern is the pattern of people awakening. Working through their issues. And most certainly, that is a very good thing. But, there is another chapter coming. Is is just past karma. It is the chapter we start living when we have cleansed our karmic past.

Now make no mistake. I am not saying that if you don’t feel like you have any karma left, that there isn’t plenty to be discovered within you. Karma, by design, is mostly subconscious. And by that, nearly impossible to consciously know about. Not with any certainty anyway. Until you actually glow in the dark, like Jesus did, are you even close to being done with karma.

Yet still, there is a place just beyond the karmic imprinting from our past. If you think about our Divinity, there is so much for us to discover about ourselves. A never-ending story.

Karma has a way of keeping us in a patterned, or common, paradigm. Where we can spend many years or even decades having the same types of experiences. Perhaps you have heard a friend say, “Every one of my husbands were pretty much the same.” Or there might be a pattern to the relationships. Married for 3 – 5 years, and then divorced.

Of course, you can experience karma in every single aspect of your life. Emotions, beliefs, money, relationships, self-worth, etc. Karmic patterns can exist in every arena of life. Our karma is the momentum itself. And the principles of karma are impersonal too. Karma does not care how long it takes you to master it. If you master it at all.

Just like when you learned to walk, you did not change the nature of gravity, but you mastered YOUR relationship with it. Karma is the same way. You do not HAVE TO master karma. Indeed, many people go to their graves with very little progress, only to re-incarnate in order to have another chance.

When you can see karma for what it is, you can intentionally and deliberately take the steps to master it in THIS life time.

Then, in your life “after” karma, you have so much more freedom to create. Once you can see karmic tendencies show up in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, you are in a place of choice. And when you master the art of LIVING there, you can actually steer your life in very intentional and powerful ways.

This is the realm of beginning creation lessons. I mean, on the Divine scale of our human potential, this is the first step. I am sure that there are planets where the creation process is firmly anchored in everyday life by all those people living there. The best creators on this planet would be beginners on those types of planets.

That is the point here. We are all the creator incarnate. You and I have the same Divine consciousness at our core. To understand that and then to master harvesting what that has to offer us, is where your ego genuinely believes that your dreams will come true. You are living the vision of your life. Your dreams are placeholders. They actually expand as you grow. Your dreams are like carrots your soul dangles in front of your ego to inspire it to try to engage life in a more rewarding way.

Take the time to imagine your life wide open. Living the life you would love. Do you have active dreams of your life that you frequent? Do you actually believe them to be possible? We grow who we are when we engage life with an expectancy. With a keen ear to our own Divine inspiration. And a disciplined ego that knows how to take action when it needs to.

As a Divine BEing, you always have more to discover about yourself. Your Soul knows how to make it happen. And to teach your ego how to value, trust and fulfill the vision of your life, puts you on the path of Living the Life that You Love.

Love You!



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