The timeless nature of our Human journey

Are you excited for your future? Really excited? Does your ego genuinely think that your dreams will come true? Is the vision in your heart something you frequent often? Can you see your life path from your soul’s perspective? Don’t tell me but do tell you. Read those questions again. There is a BIG version of you reading along with you, as you.

I would suggest that you are living a lifetime that has been foretold for generations. You are living a life that can actually make the dreams of your family lineage come true. The generations before us had a hope for the future. Humanity as a whole has been praying for a lasting answer to our human struggles.

Sure, we can talk about karma and love. Certainly. Perhaps these two aspects can describe most all of our human experiences. But then there is you. You. Perhaps there is a dream of your life that has taken a backseat these past few years. God only knows how much turmoil our collective consciousness has been through lately. Sometimes we put ourselves in endurance mode and just plow through it one day at a time.

But what I am feeling is something much much bigger here. And it feels like it is coming from you. To me in this moment, it feels kind of giddy and happy. A BIG part of you that is excited to unravel itself in you, through you, as you. There is a pacing that happens. A quickening of sorts. Kind of like a teeter-todder tipping over to the other side.

When we are coming out of our karma, there is a phase where we start to anchor the garden of our thoughts to the dreams themselves. The dreams our heart and soul have been showing us for many, many years. We actually start living in the garden of our own heart. Where we create all of our sentences from our heart. Where our ego has learned the BIG value in trusting our own heart and soul. When our ego is in tune with our innermost desires, and we have mastered our focus where the distractions from outside of us have lost their ability to derail us. That’s when we have arrived home in our own hearts.

This is the place of unconditional and constant self-love. Sure, we can have episodes where the old feelings swell up in us. But hey don’t stay very long. And when we see others swell up in feelings from their past, we hold them with a compassion that is unwavering. This really is a place of true freedom. When you know the dreams have been vetted. That the path to them coming true are where your soul finds so much Joy arranging for you. Where the path is prepared, your faith is assured. And your heart is so damn happy for every moment to share with you. Heaven on Earth.

Every thought you are having is riding on top of your own Divine consciousness. You are safe. The essence of you is eternal. Relax in that. Stand down a bit and relax. Take a deep breath. Feel that inner knowingness within you now. Trust that part of you. The timeless journey of our souls always ends with us returning to the Light within us now. And no human intentions can change that, ever. All souls return to the Light. To your own Heaven on Earth! Love You!

Love and Light,



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