Who are you dancing with?

We, as souls, observed our choices. We, as souls, looked at the options we had for how we could incarnate. There were groups of souls that made a plan together. Repeating the intentions of many lifetimes before. And this time around we, as souls, knew that this time around would hold literally infinite possibilities. Where the environment on Earth would have enough opportunities to learn the truth within a single lifetime.

We made a vision for what our life COULD be. We set ourselves up with the proper lessons early in our life path. We chose family dynamics to set ourselves up to learn the lessons that were next in our soul’s journey. With careful planning all wrapped up … we incarnated …

The day came and we were born. Our DNA defined the vessel our soul was to use to experience life as a creature of earth. Our particular species had a well-developed brain. We would be able to create a sense of self. We would be able to process symbols. And assign them values. Indeed, our family of origin would be the place where our egos were born. Our symbol processors.

Our souls would wait. And wait. For some souls, it would never happen. At least in any one particular lifetime. They would wait for the ego to (re)discover the presence of the soul and all the benefits that came with that understanding. These days, it is much more common. Common for us to realize who we really are. For our egos to come to an understanding. But yet, we still were not where we could be. Just because our egos could understand our souls and even our own Divinity didn’t mean that we could actually live as the Divine persona that we all are.

Enter the soul groups. Where we are living among those souls we planned our lives around. We had a plan. We had a vision. And then we had ourselves some egos. The curious thing about the ego, is that it really has final say in what actually happens.

Touchy, sensitive things these egos are. Our egos can be triggered. Set off. And they can react with an instant bias. Instant karma, if you will. Where we get set off. Some “event,” often triggered by souls from our soul group, stirs us at a very deep level. The very event we chose to have happen.

But the ego does not remember the reason. It only knows the feeling. Where the determination is to never want THAT feeling to happen. Where we have a feeling, that stirs a very old memory, and our egos react. From the memory of the pain. Like a fleet of cement trucks that start pouring the foundation of this instant bias. The ego can make a pact of sorts, that decides it will “not go there.” Damn it. There goes Plan A. Re-group. Re-evaluate what is possible. Plan A was the hope of getting past the memory … Oh well.

Let’s try this again. Hi, who are you?

When we look at all of the arenas of our life … family, careers, relationships, friendships, etc., we can have soul contracts behind every one of them. And it can help a lot to realize that the egos have the final say. We, as souls, are here for the human experience. The human aspect of us has the measuring stick of what our lives will ACTUALLY become.

We are living in a very big ocean of human desire. There is so much potential in our human story. We are at a crossroad in our human history. There are opportunities in THIS lifetime that will never be matched again. This is the lifetime to master the art of the powerful ego. Powerful ego? Yikes. That sounds like a train wreck. If, indeed, the egos have final say, we will not, as souls, truly live our Divine potential until our egos get skilled. A calm sea never makes a skillful sailor.

To truly master the art of soul dancing, is when your ego can come to the understanding that our feelings of the past are not what we should be avoiding. Those memories that can make us cringe and react, are the lessons themselves. We can repeat a lesson over and over in our life. And it won’t happen until our ego learns to stay in the feelings and the memories of our past, and not react. That is the place of healing. That is the karmic wave that teaches us how to navigate our life. The ego that can stay present when the ugly and painful feelings of the past surface again in our consciousness. To teach your ego how to master the art of feeling, is to enter a much bigger arena of possibilities.

Maybe the souls we had lined up for Plan A are already triggered, and hunkered down to get through this life, never to feel like that again. Avoiding the lessons and the feelings behind them. We do not really master any lesson if we still have energy related to the lesson still present in our personal energy persona. The soul’s journey is back to purity. Purity comes from feeling, and releasing, the feelings we have been avoiding, for perhaps many, many lifetimes.

The biggest lesson there is, is to learn your relationship with the God-essence present within you now. The musical play list we set up as souls was to bring up dancing with the unresolved karma of our past. We are old souls, who know what it means to navigate our human demeanor. Teach your ego to look again at the dances you have had in this lifetime with souls that chose to do it again (incarnate into human form) so that maybe, just maybe, we could learn to embody the Divine in this lifetime. Forgive any choices anyone else makes. We all have free will to live our life lessons at any pace we choose. Love the opportunity to be in the dance itself. The Dance Of Love.

Unconditional Love … the only dance there is…

Love You!



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