Embodying the Light of Love

Love is a very curious thing. For many of us, Love is the basis of our intimate relationships. The arena of spouses, lovers and beloveds. We experience a deep sense of Love with our chosen ones. Love can feel so juicy, euphoric and powerful.

Yet there is a much bigger story going on with Love. When you open yourself to Love, over and over again, something happens to you. Something happens in you. There is a melding of sorts. There is a place where you connect with Love in a different way. Sure, certainly, the act of Love with our beloveds is held in a most sacred space. A place where we can see into each others’ heart and soul.

But Love is only serenading us there. It is as if we are hardwired for that intimate Love. Perhaps some of the reasons for that is to keep the species around. Such a hardwired desire to procreate. But there is something that happens as we practice the art of Loving. As we scrub our personal energy persona, we start to get clearer. We start to disconnect from the emotional roller coaster of our karmic past. We start to disconnect from the habitual mental re-actions and all the mental chatter that can follow.

Love is here to kick our ass. In the most beautiful way imaginable. Love is looking for you (wink). Love is looking for you to open up even more to what it has to show you. And it will not stop. Ever.

There is something that happens when you become the vessel of Love. When you become the face of Love. It starts off innocent enough. Perhaps you create a space for others. Maybe by facilitating men’s groups, which isn’t that different from herding cats. 🙂

When you create a space for others to feel Loved, it can seem as innocent as a book club. A personal empowerment radio show. Or even in the mental spaces of the thoughts on the pages of a book. Again, holding space for “something” to happen. Or maybe a women’s night out. I caution you, these may seem innocent enough. But if you keep holding space for another, you can start to get glimpses of Love showing itself to you from places you never thought imaginable.

There is a place within you from which all of creation stems. All of creation. Every star you see in the night sky. Every moment of time that has, or ever will, pass. Every face of humanity. We are hardwired for Love. Love is the thing itself. That place where creation resides. All of it. Love is the fabric of the universe. And it is in you, as you, now.

I suggest that you look for Love. Make it a habit of looking at your day going by, through virgin eyes. There is literally Love everywhere. You can see it in the clouds floating by. Or the scowl of a villain, waking up a karmic master. Look at the faces on Facebook. Are they holding their first child? Are they walking off the stage from their first performance? Are they 10 years sober and delighted to be clean? All of it Love.

When we wash the karmic imprinting from our core, there is a Light that can see itself in all that is. There is no separation. I like the way that 13th century and poet, Rumi, put it: “Through your loving, existence and non-existence merge. All opposites unite. All that is profane becomes sacred again.” And this … “Every moment is made glorious by the light of Love.”

Do not fret over anything in your life. The essence of you is timeless. You are coming back home to that pure Light of Love that exists within you now. In the beginning was the Light (of Love). And from that came all of creation. EnJoy the Journey back home to the Heaven within.

Love You!



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