We pray to a BIG God but …

Do you see things happening in our humanity that are painful to think about? Is there suffering on this planet that you would prefer to be rid of? Who do you think is going to “fix” it?

God, the BIG guy, will not do a thing about it. Nope. Sure, we pray to a BIG god. But he is chill’n. There will be no Divine intervention… Wait… stop.

Why would we be talking about what we don’t want?

After all, WE are the face of creation. We are creators. We create.

If we look at the situations of the world, the most powerful thing we can do about it is to create. What we focus on expands. There is also the element of frequency or vibration. The act of creation is the powerful tool we have as individuals. You can change the world. So can I. If we do or if we do not, is up to us.

When we went into the darkness, we had this collective agreement process. The hundredth monkey effect. We collectively chose to leave the Light of the truth and incrementally went farther and farther into the darkness. And coming out of the darkness is kind of like the reverse of that.

Millions of people want something else. Millions of people in humanity are looking to participate in the transformation of our human condition. And you only need a hundred monkeys.

Enter the spark of inspiration. Enter the passionate expression of Spirit. Enter You. You are the face of the Divine. ALL of the changes of humanity will start WITHIN individuals. Inspiration. IN-spiration. From within. When You honor the inspiration from within you, and you are passionate about it coming about, you charge the inspiration. That passionate charge is what attracts others. That is what attracts the hundred souls to reach the flash point within our collective consciousness.

Do you want to feel Joy? Oceans of Joy? Do you want to feel so fantastic that you can’t wait to do it again and again? The ego feels joy when it moves into more alignment with the truth. Tune in to your own inspiration. Master the art of living there. Develop a reflex of staying in your passionate expressions. And You will be the entry point of Divine Will. How cool is that?

Don’t look anywhere else than within You. You have the best seat in the house. Nice booty! Your life purpose will fulfill you like nothing else can. Take the time to get clear about what that is. Get good at hearing your own inspiration. And in that practice of fulfilling your own inspiration, you will be fulfilling the desires of the Divine. In you, as you, through you.

Love You!



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