Creating a lasting culture for humanity

We are life itself. Life personified. When we walk through nature, we are seeing an ocean of life. Where everything we can experience in the environment of nature, is in harmony with itself. There is a lucid aspect of a healthy life. Your life. My life. Lucid in the sense that there are no stagnant parts of ourselves.

Now that is a simple sentence. However, for the vast majority of humanity, karmic stagnation is what we are trying to overcome. Indeed, our karma IS stagnant energy of our past, stored in our own subconsciousness. Our karma is our own consciousness that has become stagnant and dormant in our own personal energy persona.

We are standing at the doorway where the very large social structures of our past are going to be replaced. Our educational systems, economic systems, health systems, and such. We are coming out of a very 3D model of human creations, where very vast systems have been created that have collapsed the lucid nature of our very nature. And in the re-awakening of our human Divinity, it will serve us well to keep the root of nature in our minds as we seek to clean up the structure of our human culture.

We are BEings of Light. Light. Light, by its very nature, has no-thing within it. We are a field of infinite possibilities personified in human form. How do you build systems around the notion of infinite possibilities? From the Divine Light ANYTHING can be created. Divine Possibilities. Creation from the inside out.

There is a spectrum of creation … from the beginning, that moment when the inspiration of something new pops into our Divine consciousness … to the moment when it exists in physical form. That spectrum should all be lucid, just as it is in nature. There are no stagnant energies in nature. Everything is life expressing. Loosey-goosey is the seat of Divine power.

For example, the creation of the human persona. There is this template called DNA. It is the holographic image of your body. A multi-dimensional arena of energy. We, as creators incarnate, are intended to reprogram our own DNA through the already existing lucid nature of our Divine consciousness.

Yet Western “medicine” wants to abandon the spectrum of creation and create stagnant “cures” for our genetics. They want to reach in, in only the last part of the spectrum of creation, and physically change the DNA. DNA was designed to be changed from the beginning. From the Divine Light (ethereal) side of creation, not the physical, mechanical rearranging of the DNA sequencing.

We are going to be restoring the Divine idea of Heaven on Earth. It will serve us well to keep in mind the root attributes of harmony. When harmony exists across the entire spectrum of creation, then and only then do we have the total freedom of expressing our own Divine Self.

We, as the Divine BEings that we are, would do well to keep our awareness on the timelessness of the Divine process of creation. To genuinely restore Heaven on Earth is to anchor the timeless Divine process of creation as the root of all of our societal systems.

What is your relationship with harmony? Where do you feel it the most in your life now? When you are at peace with yourself, you are present within the garden of Divine harmony within you now. It comes from within. Spend some time learning to weigh your choices with harmony itself, for that is how you can create a model of your own life that is compatible with your own Divinity.

Love You!



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