You push the large, heavy wooden doors open and walk into the room. All eyes land on you. Your inspirations have brought you to this day. This moment. Today is the result of you following your inspiration. It was you honoring your potential that made your dreams come true. As you take your place you remember the journey that has brought you here, a journey that at one point in your life you never thought possible. Yet here you are. When the idea had first come to you it seemed improbable. Impossible. But you gave yourself the permission, the power, to hope.

As you look back over the journey you see the stepping stones, the incremental growth that changed who you are. That personal growth brought you into alignment with the very idea, the very dream you had, in that beginning moment. You trusted in yourself even through the darkness, even through those moments when the journey seemed difficult. The process, the power of creation, that has brought you here now is something you’ve learned to trust, to know.

A dream expands as you fulfill it. As one dream is fulfilled, another presents itself. You know that the idea, the dream, the inspiration that you have today will come about if you show up for it. Know that the vision your soul shows you is not only possible, but probable, if you simply trust the process itself and honor it with your thoughts and actions. To describe such a journey is to describe the creative process itself, the process of creation. It starts by learning how to trust the power of an idea. That idea comes into creation by moving yourself into alignment, into harmony, with the nature, vibration, and essence of what the idea represents. What the dream inspires. What the hope fulfills.

This journey I’m talking about has a million faces. You could be signing a contract that would open a new health center. Maybe you’re launching your first screenplay, or publishing your first book. Perhaps you have finished designing your first product. Or maybe you just created a new surgical procedure that will save lives. What the journey is all about is incidental to the notion that you showed up for yourself. That you trusted yourself. That you completed the creative process yourself. When you first had the idea from your heart and soul, from the very essence of your being, the idea itself created an overwhelming sense of excitement, and here you are now fulfilling that dream. Once you have mastered the art of honoring an idea all the way through to completion, you have begun the process of genuinely mastering your personal power.

Excerpt from Citizen King: The New Age of Power

May All Your Dreams come true!

Love You



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