Fulfilling the Vision of Your Soul

Where are you at? What is on your mind throughout the days of your life? Are you honing in on the vision of your soul? The service you bring to humanity is the vessel of fulfillment of your heart. Your heart feeling fulfilled. Your Heart. Feeling wonder-full.

There is a Divine design of our human experience. The ego will not be the provider of bliss. There is not a balanced sense of fulfillment from following your ego. There IS an ocean of Love within you. And your heart wants to give it away. Let it.

But wait … Love is very, very powerful. Indeed, when we fall in Love it can shake us to our very core. Many people choose to retreat when they get close to Love. Real Love. The big stuff. Unconditional Love is a very powerful place.

Your soul chose a vision for your life. Your past has prepared you for this journey. Your heart has a history of Love in this lifetime. What IS your history of Love? Can you stay present while Love erodes your karma from the past? Does your ego want to flinch and flee? Practice Loving whatever you can today. The smell of coffee. The wag of a puppy’s tail. The smile on a stranger’s face.

And then there is the vision of your soul. The stage is being set for your life. The rest of your life is before you now. What are you paying attention to today? Is your life purpose in your everyday thoughts? Is it in your everyday actions? If not today, when?

The thing is, your soul has no fear. Your soul has no sense of limitation. Your soul can play out ANY vision for your life. But, and it’s a big butt, your EGO decides what actually happens. To teach your ego to engage the vision of your soul is the doorway to expansion. It is an expansion that can last the rest of your life. That expansion happens over time.

But it only happens when your ego is engaged in bringing your soul’s vision into effect. You grow who you are when you engage the vision of your soul. And to be able to fulfill the entire vision of your soul would have you expanding your sense of self through everyday engagement of your soul’s vision.

Do be careful with how you live. Your ego can get a glimpse of your soul’s vision and want to quit your job and move to wherever. Wait, reality check. Can you pay the rent/mortgage? Do you have a sustainable plan? There is a dance to holding the vision, and then living your life too.

Take the time to daydream. Dream of what it will look like when you have completely fulfilled the vision of your soul. Hold that dream in your everyday thinking. And take the steps that move you closer to your dream becoming fulfilled. Then you will experience and expansion of who you are. Practice that every day. And you will be on the way to feeling fulfillment in each and every day of your life. The doorway to Heaven on Earth.

Love and Light,



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