Finding the Divine within you now

When we created our ego, there was no outside input. Sure, our parents taught us how to do it. Perhaps not directly. At least my parents did not say, Les, you are growing an ego …

It happened much more organically. Teaching us the symbols we would be using in life. That big thing over there is called a tree. Step by step creating a symbol processor. What we would now call our brains, personality and ego.

But there is an elephant in the room. Or rather, there is a huge presence within you now. A point of Divine consciousness. The source of ALL of your thoughts. And … the Divine potential to create anything you can imagine.

But what decides what we are able, or unable, to create is the imprinting of our past. Our karma. Our own consciousness from the past, influencing us in this present time. Karma decides what happens. Karma shows us a very repetitive story. Our energy, inner chi, is our karma broadcasting out to the universe. Asking, through the law of attraction, for karmic teachers to show up and reflect our karma back to us. Creating a karmic momentum.

If we were to ask our egos to describe our experience of life, we would be describing the experiences of receiving the attracted elements of life that our own subconscious karma has attracted to us.

But what about God? What about the Divine consciousness that is located at the very core of our being? What the hell? If we have God within us, how can we learn to tap that and bring the big effect of the Divine into our everyday life?

Energy. Energy is perhaps the best language to talk about the Divine. Why is something so broad, like the notion of energy, so powerful when it comes to talking about our own Divine essence? Because everything that is, or ever was, has its own unique energetic signature. Eons before language even showed up on the scene, energy has been present for all of it. There are unique and specific energetic attributes to everything that exists.

Energy is the most fundamental conversation we are having with the universe in every moment. And the notion that our own subconscious is loaded up with our karmic energy from the past, really decides how much access we have to the infinite potential of the Divine consciousness within us now. If we are attracting reflections of our past, how can we “see” anything new? I mean, if our ego is watching our life play out, seeing the attracted elements of our subconscious karmic broadcast showing up, how can we expect to create something “new?”

The energy of our karma IS our journey. Souls load up their own subconscious with karma, over many, many lifetimes, and then they shed the karma through the re-discovery process. Re-learning about their own Divinity.

There is God-essence within you now. And you will experience more and more of your Divinity as you cleanse the karmic imprinting of your past. As you cleanse your karma, more of the Divine energy can take its place, eventually completely replacing any karmic imprinting with Divine Light. That is where a human being has a halo. That is where the human being becomes radiant. Literally radiating Light. Divine Light. The pictures of the past show countless sages and mystics with halos around their heads. And that experience awaits you. When you have nothing left in your subconscious, you will be Divine Light incarnate.

It is inevitable. Divine Light is the most authentic part of you.

Love You!



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