Finding that Divine flow

Inner inspirations. Temporal slips. Those moments when time and space seem to become lucid.

Every now and again you hear stories that seem to defy the nature of life. Where the person was perhaps transformed in the moment. I love getting glimpses of these type of moments and how they were experienced.

For example, there was an interview of a cross-country runner who had just won a long and grueling race against all odds. He was an underdog, not expected to even place in the race. Yet he won the race. They had asked him how it felt to win such an unexpected victory. His reply was most curious to me. He said something to the notion of “the end of the race became lucid to me. I could see all the various possible outcomes, and I simply chose the one I wanted.”

There is a “place” within us, where we can transcend all sense of limitations. Where we can tap into a flow of creative potential that is not normally experienced. There are glimpses of it when we are intimate with our spouse or partner. Indeed, our sexual wiring seems to have that space hard-coded within us. Where we can slip into an arena of feelings that seem to lie dormant in our everyday lives.

I would suggest that it is through our own sexuality that we have a built-in teacher of sorts, that can show us this inner realm of ourselves. The art of “going there” is part of the practice of many healing modalities like tantra and other forms of intimate interactions. I suggest that it is in our sexuality that we are hard-coded to “find the Divine” within us. Where, if we choose to, we can connect with a much deeper aspect of ourselves.

Now translate that to expressing ourselves, through some modality like art, music or dance. Here again, I suggest, we are courting the Divine within us. Where we can transcend our little selves and embody a much bigger aspect of who we really are.

There is a catch of sorts. It isn’t one with any serious consequence. Yet many people won’t even entertain the idea of going within themselves and feeling what there is to feel there. The catch is … feeling our feelings, as they show up. There is a tempest of sorts, within our own being. It is actually our karma. Our own consciousness from the past. And when we connect with the bigger sense of self, we can arouse unresolved feelings and emotions that have been dormant within us for perhaps a very, very long time.

It is actually those feelings that are the vehicle of healing. Those feelings are the energy of our own subconsciousness. You can literally think about them as fuel. Energy that has not been tapped before. And your real-time “now” consciousness is the real-time flame that “burns them off.”

Think of a blues player, playing the blues on a piano or guitar. Where they go and immerse in a feeling within themselves. And the energy of it is flowing through them as they play the music. And the release of that subconscious energy “moves” the audience. And they feel it within themselves too. This is the process of returning to the Divine. I know that can seem odd to say. But it is not. Not really.

What gets you stirred up from that place deep within you? Is it music? Art or dance? What does the trick for you?

… There is a particular piece of classical music that does it for me every time. An image of me and my beloved, from some other time (or lifetime). We are dancing on the dance floor. A slow-motion waltz. Completely present with each other. In the moment. As it is. And all of time and space … slips away …

Time is the canvas of experience. Find out what experiences give you the (temporal) slip …

Love You!



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