The process of creating starts within us

Our eyes can only show us the birthing of the past. What you are seeing in this moment, is already the past. Perhaps the freshest past you have. The past is created in this and every moment. No matter how hard we look, with our human eyes, we cannot ever see the future. We see atoms. Matter. Things. This now is the birthplace of our past. Some of our past is very old. And some of it is as fresh as the previous sentence you just read.

But there IS a place within you in which you can “see” the future. Well, not physically see it, but rather, energetically see it. In fact, the energy within you is what CREATES the future. You can think of the energy within you now as the early stages of the creation process of YOUR future. If we were to use the metaphor of a whip, the handle of the whip would be the energy within you, and the physical world in which we live would be the very tip of the whip. Wherever the handle (energy) goes, so goes the tip (physical experience). Move the handle, the tip follows. So too, whatever our inner energy resonates with, becomes what we create as our external experience. All change starts as energy within us. And the very last step, every time, is that the atoms move. The physical world changes.

Our karma is energy within us, accumulated there from our own past, energetically creating more of the same for us. A karmic momentum of sorts. Our karma IS our own consciousness from our past. The energy of our karma IS our own energy of our consciousness from our past, that has been stockpiled up in our own subconscious.

When people are playing out very advanced stages of karmic imprinting, you can imagine their energy very much like an iceberg. Where the consciousness they ARE aware of is the ice that is above the waterline. And the energy that they ARE NOT aware of is the vast majority of ice that exists below the surface. Which would represent their subconscious. Sub-conscious. Below their awareness, yet energetically radiating out in this ever-present now, setting them up for their own future events. Indeed, our karma is what has us playing out the same personal story, year after year, decade after decade. Lifetime after lifetime. Incarnation after incarnation.

You CAN do something about it. In fact, you can do everything about it. All energy within you that is not Light, is karma. I do know that is a very sterile perspective. Yet I believe it is very true.

The Divine consciousness within you now has created ALL of it. There is only one source of creation in the entire galaxy. Divine consciousness. Your karma is the energetic history of all of the moments in your existence where you postured with what was. You accumulate karma by resisting or posturing with what is. The Buddha said that “all suffering comes from failing to accept … what is.” I would add … “failing to accept what is, as it is.” The process of creation is perfect. Nothing is out of place. Let go of posturing with what you see on the news. Let go of what you think is “correct” creation. Because by posturing with the act of creation itself, you are creating a karmic propensity to BEing a Divine creator.

Our imagination is the stuff from which futures are created. To imagine the future is to create the first-blush energy of what might be. Einstein said … “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Open your heart and dream up a dream of what your life could be. And with the Love of your own heart, you could be creating glimpses of your own Heaven on Earth. You are the creation process personified. It is happening in this and every moment through all of time. Focus on honing your own personal energy to resonate with your own idea of Heaven on Earth. And Heaven is what you will create.

“As it is” most accurately states the Divine perspective of our collective story today.

Love You! (As you are, right now)



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