The Kingdom of Heaven lies within YOU now

We are not talking about any THING here. But something much much better.

There is a tendency to develop habits as we go through our day-to-day lives. Certainly, those habits can be a very good thing. For myself, breathing is a habit I am very fond of. There are also habits of thoughts. Where we have an ongoing monologue in our heads too. And by the very nature of karma, there can be habits of experiences. Where we might drop into a karmic propensity when we hear gossip about others. You get to choose what you do, every single time. Unless…

I have been curious about our human demeanor my whole life. There are stories I have heard, perhaps decades ago, that linger in my mind. One of those stories was a TV program that looked at Lottery “winners.” The show reviewed 10 people who had won it BIG. The curious thing was that 9 out of the 10 had spent all of their prize money and were right back to their financial status from before they had won. Nine out of 10.

And on top of that, they had completely exhausted all of their relationships with the people in their life. Friends and family members had become estranged. EVERYTHING had become about money. You mean you will only give me $100,000? … but you have millions! Energetically winning the lottery is like getting struck by lightening. A very large amount of energy comes flowing through your life.

But why are we talking about money? Isn’t that a thing? OK. Fair enough.

Let’s talk about feelings. Where are your everyday thoughts? What are your desires? What is it about your life that you would you like to change today? In THIS day? We all have a life story to tell. And for many of us, there are a few train wrecks woven in there too. When we take a step back and look at our life from our soul’s perspective, we can gain a vantage point that can shift everything.

On the day those lottery winners won, did they think that all worries were over?

How do you feel? Feel. What we are looking for, perhaps, is a feeling. Perhaps they wanted to feel like their worries were over. But there is a catch. Everything, every THING, outside of you has a season in your life. Every tangible thing has a beginning, a season, and an end. Period. There is only one thing about you that is eternal. And that is you. More specifically it is your consciousness.

In the beginning was the Light. Stop right there. Light. There is a Light of Divine consciousness within you now. Light, by its very nature, has no-thing within it. Yet when the ego finally finds the Light within, the ego becomes dumbstruck with a feeling of bliss. With an overwhelming feeling of unity. Of completion. A total loss of desire. Feeling completely fulfilled from within. This IS the realm of heaven. This is the feeling our ego has been searching for, looking for THINGS outside of us to bring to us that feeling of wholeness.

Those patterns we have all created in our lives can create a momentum. Many people live a melancholy life. Not feeling fulfilled. Not feeling any sort of heaven. A kind of resignation to “how life is.” What is one to do?

That inner Light has a gift. An eternal gift really. Eternal because it is always within you. It does not have a season in your life. It IS your life source. It IS You. There will never be a moment when you are there and it isn’t. For it is you. What is the gift? Your own Divinity. A thread of consciousness that lies before you. It is the journey of your soul. It is the story of your return to the heaven within you now.

Tend to your house. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and choices as you go about your day. Tend to your own personal energy persona, the measuring stick to see where you are in relationship to the heaven within you now. How much karma is in your subconscious programming? How skilled are you at reeling in your karmic re-actions? How present can you stay in your feelings? All of them.

When subconscious worries and frets appear, where do you go from there? Your everyday demeanor is the “house” in which you live. To find that inner spark of Divine consciousness is perhaps the most effective thing you can do, to “set yourself up” for life. For your whole life. Your own personal jackpot!

You are a unique personification of the Divine. The thread of Divine consciousness has an eternal well of inspiration. Hand-created just for you. When you can train your mind/ego to find that well of inspiration within you now, and then learn how to live connected to it, it creates a thread of creative expression within you today. When you create… When YOU create… you are personifying the Divine right here on earth. And THAT feels so fulfilling and satisfying.

Don’t try to measure it. Don’t try to measure if the inspiration will give you what you want. Rather, get better and better at staying connected to it. For there will be countless ways we get disconnected from it when our karmic patterning gets triggered, and we drop into re-actions.

This is the journey of the soul. A re-union with the Divine within us now. A stream of inspiration that can brings us the feeling of living in Heaven on this Earth … today. The only day that we can ever experience heaven. My oh my, the Divine looks delight-full on you!

Love and Light,



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