Creating what you want

There are two things that will make all the difference in the world. Not getting what you want, and getting what you are asking for.

So first things first … what do you want? What do you want consciousness to provide for you? Is it a thing or things? Is it a feeling or experience? What? Don’t tell me … tell you.

There can be a tendency to keep going. To keep pushing through your life. To keep up with work, bills, chores and such. And certainly there is a place for all of that. Sometimes it can consume us too.

Perhaps we have a Divine trainwreck show up in our life. Perhaps a divorce, illness, or an unexpected death of a loved one. Where we are so wiped out that just getting through the day is almost too much to ask.

Here on this planet, us old souls have loaded up our karmic imprinting so that we could have, perhaps, some of the biggest karmic challenges that exist. Indeed, the new leaders of our human experience have to have just that … experience.

A calm sea has never created a skilled sailor.

But enough already. What the hell? We can get into a mode of living that has us living one day to the next. Where we really have not given much thought to what we REALLY want. It can seem like that would be a waste of time. But it isn’t. Not really.

There are a few components to a dream for our life. For some of us, it might be the end of suffering. To just get THROUGH the struggle. It can seem like an endless storyline. There are those whose life purpose is to do just that. To get through the struggle and find a place of rest and comfort.

For so many of us, there is something more. For many old souls, we are here to be ambassadors of sorts. Not to tell anyone how they must live their life. Not to strongarm anything into happening, but rather, to embody and live the Divine idea of what it means to BE a human being living on a planet.

What I love about being the host of the New Human Living radio show is that I get to interview the top-shelf souls. The oldest and wisest souls walking around on this planet right now. Those who are on the leading edge of consciousness and what it means to our human experience.

There are two sides to this conversation really. The human experience of karma, and the human experience without karma. And the difference between those two is as diverse as humanity itself. Karma has so many possibilities. Infinite really. But when we look at karma and the next chapter of our human story, there will be New Humans that will change the rule book on how we are to live our lives.

Karma is momentum from our past. And creation has no requirements. If we are still entrenched in karma, karma is what we are (energetically) asking for. Our karma IS the law of attraction in action. Asking the universe to bring us teachers. To show us reflections of the unresolved energy within us now.

Creation is altogether different. Especially when your karma has been cleansed. At least enough to have consistent dominion of our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we have mastered the art of creation, those things we see with our eyes do not sway us from the (energetic) feeling of what we really want to create. The Light of the creator IS us. We are creating in this and every moment. When we ask for something, with our intentions and/or prayers, the ENERGY of the answer arrives. And that IS the energetic seed for the creator in us to attract, create and experience.

Take the time to get clear. As you go through your day, pay attention to how various things make you feel. Do you want more of this, and less of that? As you learn your own preferences, you are clarifying the energy of what the Kingdom of Heaven (within you now) would attract if you were to be living in it today. This day. The only day you can ever experience Heaven on Earth. This Earth. This Heaven. Now.

Love YOU!



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