I mean … we ALL want to get to Heaven … Right?

There is a very common mindset on this planet. A very established and old mindset of “right and wrong.” Indeed, it does have some merit to it. But then again … where did all these heroes come from?

Are we not living out a most exceptional span of human history? Are we not coming out of some of the darkest consciousness in perhaps the whole galaxy? Are there countless stories from our very own mythology that talk about the end of times, or perhaps language about the apocalypse? Didn’t the Western mind make a nuclear arsenal that would wipe out all of life on this planet? How can I even type these sentences without being in total shock… These are very dark mindsets.

Enter Love. And more specifically, unconditional Love. Power beyond measure. I suggest that Love is the fabric of the universe. The substance behind ALL of creation … ever.

So what the hell? What is the right perspective here? We talk about darkness and then we talk about Love being the source of all that is. Can LOVE create darkness? Did God make the devil to kick our ass?

When we think about integrity and righteousness, we can perhaps chase ourselves into the corner. In the beginning was the Light. Before duality showed up, Light was all there was. I would say Love and Light are interchangeable here. In the beginning was Love.

Consciousness wants to experience. There are mystics whose works I have read in the past that said… Everything we sense with our five human senses is not real. It is only our experience that is real. The notion of the “veil” re-enforces that. We, as 3D humans, are living in an experience of sorts. We have these “bodies” that our Soul comes down and animates for us. We grow ourselves an ego. We accumulate karma. We forget our own Divinity. And we drop down into darkness.

Just think of every action-movie ever made. Just think of the storylines that have played out on this planet. Just think how far we have collectively gone into the darkness. And unconditional Love allowed it. Love IS the fix. Love is the medicine that humanity needs to get back into the Light. To get past the old mindsets of the past. But none of our past was “wrong.” We actually chose it. All of it. As very, very brave Souls. Like you.

To have heroes, there needs to be villains. To have Saviors, Lords and Deities, there has to be those seeking. Those who were able to create darkness and “evil.” No Devil, No Jesus. If we were all to return to our truth, we would be living on the planet of enlightened ones. (That’s where we are headed now…) So enjoy the mythology of evil, suffering and struggle… (heroes, saviors and mystics) as this will all be folklore here in a few generations.

When we think of righteousness and integrity, I suggest that we let go of the righteousness title, and just focus on integrity. Because righteousness suggests an element of judgment. And unconditional Love has no judgment. So we will not be able to embody heaven (unconditional Love) as long as we are making “righteous” judgment on ANYTHING that is going on. Ever.

Integrity to ourselves is how we are to hone our re-discovery of our own authentic Self. That place where our heart, our ego and our soul are all walking in step with each other. You have an authentic sense of Self. It might be a bit elusive to your ego right now, but there is an authentic persona within you now. And the coolest thing there is, is that your authentic Self and your enlightened Self … are one and the same Self.

What do you prefer? What is your most authentic desire? When you live that flat out, with no explanation needed, you will be walking this earth like the Divine BEing that you came here to BE. The doorway to Heaven on Earth. Loving what is … as it is.

Love and Light,



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