You are the Face of the Creator

There is a rumor that God created the Heavens and the Earth. Certainly there was a whole galaxy of creation that allowed the Earth to form and then for the DNA to show up to create vehicles of expression. Your DNA is the blueprint for your Soul’s vehicle for this lifetime.

But who created all the other stuff? Like air conditioning, motion pictures, and ice cream?

There are those who think that God will handle everything. And She will. But not as some glowing orb, in the middle of the night. No deity will descend from the heavens. No savior that has passed will reach over our shoulders to make anything happen. Sometimes you have to sprinkle flour on the kitchen floor to “catch” who is sneaking a snack in the middle of the night. If there are tracks left in the morning, then someone decided to sneak a snack.

When we look at the current condition of our collective story, many millions of people on the planet want change. There is a core desire for a better storyline. A better vision for the future. And within these fundamental desires of humanity there are billions, if not trillions, of dollars of opportunity. Whenever the desires of humanity swell, then there are vast opportunities that arise. Humanity wants a new story. Something more authentic to believe in.

You have an authentic Self. That is to say, there is a Divine idea of you. A Divine idea of what you could be. Of course, there are no requirements. None at all. You are free to do as you choose. But, and this is a really BIG Butt, you have dreams. You have a vision for your life. For your life. Handcrafted by your heart and soul.

Your life story up to this moment now, and even this moment in this now, has set you up. Set you up for a fabulous next chapter of your human story. Your own personal Divine paradigm. Perhaps you have seen it. Perhaps there have been ideas rattling around in your head for many decades. Or, perhaps they are not that clear to you yet.

Everything happens energetically first. Creation starts in the arena of consciousness itself. Just like your consciousness. There is a moment when a new idea shows up. It IS the birth of a new possibility. Possibility.

The reason it is a new “possibility,” and not an absolute, has a lot to do with the karma on this planet. We have been the masters of limitations. We have talked ourselves out of our own Divinity. It is our karma that pollutes and dilutes our inspirations. And in most cases, it prevents them from getting any further than our own thoughts. Karma does that by loading up our subconscious with karmic energy. Inner Chi.

I guess this blog is really about faith. I heard a description of that that just resonated with me. Faith is having no thought(s) contrary. If you have the faith of a mustard seed … the mountain(s) will move. When Divine Mother and Divine Father created the galaxy, setting up the condition for Earth to form and for DNA to show up to create vehicles for Souls to come live out karmic classes, there wasn’t a thought contrary. All that is, was created by inspiration. The moment when new possibilities show up.

There will be a quickening for you. There will be a return to your truth. You will remember how creation really works. How effortless it can be. It will come back to you as you clean up your karmic imprinting. Our karma is made up of unresolved thoughts, feelings and beliefs from the past. Static notions of ourselves that hold our ability to create in check, until we resolve them and move back toward purity.

Every dream for your life can come true. Every single one. They are held in escrow for you. They may, or may not, happen in this lifetime. But they will happen, when there is no thought contrary. Take the time to heal yourself. To cleanse and release all of the subconscious thoughts, feelings and belief’s that no longer serve you. There is immense opportunity on this planet at this time. For human potential to inspire, create and fulfill the Divine inspiration that comes from within you and me.

It is God’s good pleasure to create in you, through you, as you. The only Divine footprints in those moments of creation will be yours.

Love You!



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