Sometimes life can feel unbearable

We are human beings living out a karmic story. And sometimes it is the karma that can make this life feel so painful. Really painful. The chances are good that you have some unresolved pain in you. Right now. But can you feel it?

There are events that can put us on our knees. There is a pain the hurts so much, that we are shaken to our very core. For myself, I have felt very intense pain several times in this lifetime. One was rather recent, with the unexpected dead of my spiritual brother. A man I walked side-by-side with, for over 30 years.

But it doesn’t feel good to talk about pain. Is there a better thing for us to talk about? Certainly, there can be more enjoyable things to talk about, but there might be a day when some pain comes your way. Not to wish anything on anyone, though I do want to help us all understand what pain is and how, perhaps, we can relate to it in a new way.

For myself, I have been curled up on the kitchen floor, all by myself, crying my eyes out. Feeling such a wretched pain in my gut, that it overwhelmed me. What is this thing called pain, and what are we to do about it?

You are a soul. Your soul is timeless and eternal. Your soul cannot die. Ever. Your soul is here with “you” now. This “you,” your ego/mind, did not exist when your body was born. But your soul was there the day you arrived. Your ego was grown. It was “raised” by your family of origin. It was taught about a thing called symbols. “Names” we give things. And we were taught what each symbol meant and the value of all the particular symbols.

You are a soul. If you are reading my newsletters, you are interested in learning about the more powerful aspects of you. When our ego/mind attaches meaning to our story, we becomes attached to how things are. We become vested in our human story. Some of what we tell ourselves is about our self. Who we are and why that is important. I have a title. I have a skill. I have a purpose. I am valued because I have… beauty, loyalty, respect, skills, money, stature, insert more as you like.

It is our human nature that can feel the pain of our condition. It is when we “suffer” a loss that we can brush up against the feeling of pain. Pain is a karma of sorts. If I feel my identity, or sense of self, is good because I am successful, then whatever happens to my success, is happening TO me, because I am attached to my sense of self. Whatever happens to what I am attached to, is directly affecting me. The little me.

Don’t take it (too) personally. You were here before the pain. And you will always, always, be here after the pain. Don’t be afraid to feel the pain. Don’t get attached to it either. The only place you can be free is when you are not posturing with anything in your life.

Feel the pain. It can hurt when you do. But you are bigger than it is. The pain is finite. There is only so much within you now. And yes, sometimes the pain becomes too much to bear in any one moment. Take a rest. Know when enough is enough. But overall, get to the point when there is no feeling that will dominate your choices.

If you avoid something at all costs, you are paying everything, at all cost, to avoid what is. To truly master your life, there will be no feelings that have that kind of control over you. Pay a visit to your innermost hurts. Give them your consciousness so they can be felt… and released. You will get the understanding that you are bigger than anything you hold within you. And you will start to not be afraid of the shadows of humanity. And from that fearlessness, you can stay in a place of Love. And you will be the Light in the storm.

Love You



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