What are you karmically connected to?

Karma is a curious thing for me to write about. It seems like karma has not been on peoples’ radar for a very long time. But karma HAS been involved in every single aspect of their lives.

If, indeed, human consciousness is the most powerful substance on the planet, then karma must also be very powerful too. Powerful because it removes your connection with your infinite Divine potential. Just take a look at society. There are people who are planning the colonization of another planet. Getting very specific about how one million people will be living on Mars. And then there is the homeless person panhandling at the corner, barely getting through the day. Does that show any contrast?

Your karma IS where your Divine potential can get tied up. All Souls are born with the same potentials. And then we start to take on karma. Some of those souls will be kings and queens. And some of them will be peasants. Same soul potentials, though very different roles to play out in our human story.

But karma is temporary. If you ignore it, you can play out a sense of struggle for many, many lifetimes. Or you can master your karma and turn it all around in THIS lifetime. Karma itself does not care which one you choose. Or even IF you choose. The principles of karma are timeless and impersonal. Like gravity, karma is indifferent to how you experience it. You can change how you feel about your karma in an instant. You can go from suffering to salvation in a flash! It won’t be karma that changes, but rather, your perception of karma that will change.

This lifetime, this one right here, right now, has the MOST potential for a fantastic lifetime. It will not be so the next time around. Why? Because how deep the darkness is, how deep into the darkness the collective story has gone, provides NEW opportunities to manifest power. Divine Power. You manifesting Divine Power. Divine Power comes from being able to hold the space of unconditional Love IN the darkest of karmic stories. I suggest to you that that IS the storyline that will set your heart on fire with passion. It will fill your eyes with a Vision for your life that dwarfs all other lifetimes … and give your Ego and inner child endless waves of Joy.

What karma are you connected to? What karmic lessons have you come here to learn? All of those karmic imprints were chosen by your soul. Do not run from your karma. Do not push your feelings away. Learn the ways of karma and own THIS lifetime. Learn to live the epic story of who you really are. Even at your very best, you will just be tapping a small fraction of your Divine potential. If not in this lifetime, when?

I have dedicated my life to teaching about karma, power (Love) and happiness. My heart is full of joy. I am so blessed to be the recipient of the vision of my soul, who chose a most incredible life path for me. A life path I did not know about AT ALL until I learned to cleanse my karma and align with the vibration of my heart and soul. Dream YOUR best dream, for it IS your soul trying to inspire YOU!

Living the Dream.

Love You!



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