Keep your future open

The ego is a curious thing. There are over 7 billion flavors on the planet and no two are exactly the same. And then there is your ego. Where did your ego come from? Who “gave” it to you? Who taught you how to think? Who taught you all the symbols in your mind, and perhaps more important, the value behind each one of them?

The ego can posture in a moment. Perhaps it is a moment of insult or disgust. Or perhaps you were offended by the words or deeds of another. Or perhaps it was a feeling that overwhelmed you when you saw a picture or image of something overwhelming.

Easy now. Don’t bring it with you. Be careful not to accumulate karmic posturing along the way. If indeed you want to find genuine freedom, the freedom that opens up your future on a galactic scale, you would do well to return to zero. To drop all of your posturing. All of your karmic stigmas. And let yourself go empty.

But wait! What if I don’t like it?

Fair enough. I guess the key factor here is the difference between preferences and judgment. Yes, yes, yes … get clear about your own authentic preferences. Do take the time to learn what you prefer. Sift and sort through all the various ways that life can show up and choose which way you prefer life to be. Indeed, you will find more and more satisfaction as you get clearer and clearer about what you prefer.

But, don’t keep around sentences about the past. Farkel is such a jerk. THAT political party is a bunch of baboons. Smoking is such a nasty habit. Judgments are the gateway drug to a thicker, denser, more difficult karmic experience. To a smaller view of the world, shrinking the possibilities of what the future might be. Do you want to honor your vast Divine potential? Empty is a place of Power. Zero is the biggest number around. Around? A round zero? No pun intended. ; – )

OK, so Farkel broke up with you on the Ferris wheel. Just as you were getting on it. And you HAD to ride round and round, crying all those tears… Maybe Farkel WAS a jerk. Yes, indeed. That rat bastard swine! But is that the only flavor that Farkel comes in? Was it the chili dog talking? What if, years later, Farkel applied for a job with your company? And what if Farkel had a talent that perhaps nobody else had? Or he even asked you out again? Can you see past the past? IF you show up in judgment, your choices are smaller. Your future is narrower. Your power is limited. And perhaps most important is that an aspect of your freedom is lost.

Our ego can so quickly become polarized. Egos can be the most frail and sensitive things. Don’t accumulate more and more polarized perspectives of any one or any thing. You deserve the MOST freedom possible.

Your relationship with the past can set the tone with your relationship with… Love, Creation, Freedom, Karma, Power and all that is… Set yourself up… by letting go…

Love You



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