You are an awakened Soul

But you always have been… an awakened Soul. Perhaps the REAL difference this time around is that you are an awakened ego. Your Soul is always aware of the truth. Your Soul always knows its relationship with the Divine. Your Soul is fearless and limitless.

Now… about that ego… Where is the awakened Ego in you?

What do you desire? What does your ego desire? Don’t cringe. For many on this spiritual journey, asking the EGO what it wants can sound like throwing gasoline on a fire. Sure, there are plenty of egos that have wandered off into the darkness. The headlines of these days tell many stories of a good ego gone bad.

Of course, you didn’t have an ego the day you were born. Yet it is your ego that is reading this here and now.

As you probably know, this lifetime, this one right now, has an opportunity that will not exist in the future. Well, not at the same level that exists today. When we talk about human potentials, you, YOU… are the living opportunity of your Soul. You are living an opportunity in this lifetime, to live a most exceptional life. More so, perhaps, than ANY other lifetime in your Soul’s journey.

Your Soul’s journey. All the lifetimes that have led up to this lifetime. And even, check this, your future lifetimes exist right now. There is an idea in the field of quantum mechanics that says, there is only one now. There is only one now. This moment is the only moment. I know it is a bit of a mind-bend, but stay with me.

If you do a past life regression, as I have, you will find the most real and authentic experiences of your past. A moment in your past, that you can tap in this moment, and feel as if it is happening right now. Energetically, you are tapping into a spot in the holographic arena of all that is. All of time exists in this hologram. Every now is available right now. Time travel will become a real thing in the “future.”

So what am I getting at? Your Akash. Your Akash IS the history of you. From your Soul’s perspective. And there is great value to that. Since you are aware of the “online” nature of your past and future, you can harvest your own Akash, and fetch those attributes that you prefer to experience in this lifetime.

You can fetch that lifetime where you were the king or queen of the land. Where you had the Midas touch. Where everything you intended, manifested itself perfectly. The Divine idea of the awakened human being is the fulfillment of our Divine Desires today. This whole hologram, that we call the universe, is for the experience. There is no end game. There is no finish line. What would fulfill you today? What would let you feel Heaven on this Earth… today?

Our mythology supports this perspective. Ask, and it is given. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven. It is done unto you as you believe.

You are pre-approved for heaven today. To harvest your Akash is an energetic adventure. The universe is a mirror of your own energy. Your energy is how you program your experience. Your karma is that programming up to this moment. How good can you stand it?

You will bless every human being on this planet when you fulfill your most authentic life. As you prefer…

Love You



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