Feeling Joy all along the way

There is a feeling that happens when we grow our sense of Self. You are living in a most exceptional time in our human story. The awakening of humanity itself. And that feeling can happen during every day of your life. Joy is felt when the ego discovers more of the truth. When the ego can get glimpses of what your life can be.

The really cool part of it all is that there is literally no end to the creation process. Love, in its purest form, is the fabric of creation. So to put that into context, you are the fabric of creation, for the essence of you is Love.

In the beginning was the Light. The Light of Love. And from that, ALL things were created.

You have a story of your life that has brought you to this moment. And woven in that story is a story of a Soul, living out a karmic collage of experiences. What have your core karmic experiences been? What are the feelings and emotions that have moved you to your very core? What has the imprinting of your parents set you up for?

All of the personal stories of our human evolution are insights of the karmic classes that are being taught on this planet Earth. And every time we break through a karmic struggle, our ego feels joy. Perhaps it is the single mother who, after years of struggle, finally gets into a home of her own. That feeling of walking into a vacant house, that will soon end a chapter of struggle. The feeling of security that four walls and a roof can provide to someone who didn’t know if it would have ever happened again in her life. Yet there she is, immersed in the new possibilities of life.

The curious thing about joy is that it can be felt across the entire spectrum of human consciousness.

You can feel joy in every day of your life. Enjoying your entire life InJoy. So what would do it for you? What image of the future would bring a sweet delightful feeling to you? Your own recording studio? Your first book being published? A wedding day on the beach at sunrise? The rapture of passionate love-making with a beloved? Opening a chain of schools in a third world country?

Any and all of these examples are just stepping-stones. There are 7 BILLION people on the planet. You cannot exhaust your experiences of opportunities to Love on this planet. Our Souls want to know the feeling of Love. All of those examples ARE Love creating experiences. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom (of Heaven). Heaven on this Earth here and now.

You are the Dreamer of possibilities. You are the portal of the Divine desires for humanity. God, your essence, Loving humanity through you, as you. How much Love can you embody? I’ll give you a hint … cleanse your personal energy persona, and a whole new realm of dreaming will come into your consciousness. A whole new octave of JoyFULL events will fill up your queue for the future. Endless waves of Joy. Flowing through your consciousness. How good can you stand it? How much more Love can you embody today? This day. In Joy. Living in the wave of Joy flowing through your body as you open to Love.

Shed your hesitations. Dive in without concern. Learn to Love all that is. Love what you are seeing, as it is. As it is right now. The villains and the scallywags that have arrived to wake us up. Nothing is broken. Nothing is lost. The more you allow Love, the more all of humanity can embrace Love (again). That is how powerful you are. What would you love to see happening in your life? Ask, and it is given.

Love You!



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