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Integrity and Righteousness. Which Way Is the Right Road?

I mean … we ALL want to get to Heaven … Right? There is a very common mindset on this planet. A very established and old mindset of “right and wrong.” Indeed, it does have some merit to it. But then again … where did all these

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Making the Connection

Finding the Divine within you now When we created our ego, there was no outside input. Sure, our parents taught us how to do it. Perhaps not directly. At least my parents did not say, Les, you are growing an ego … It happened much more organically.

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The Rogue Mystic

Playing the Divine Hand There are all kinds of measures of success. Whole arenas of shared collective values that can decide if you have “made it” or not. Images from the tribe that “show” if you have made it or not. Are you a genuine man? What

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