Playing the Divine Hand

There are all kinds of measures of success. Whole arenas of shared collective values that can decide if you have “made it” or not. Images from the tribe that “show” if you have made it or not. Are you a genuine man? What is on the cover of GQ magazine? Are you an authentic woman? Which magazine are you on the cover of? What icons are associated with your “success”? Perhaps it is that PhD or a position on the board of directors. Or maybe an Emmy or Oscar sitting on the mantle. What are you going to use to see if you are honoring your true potential?

When we are raised, we are imprinted with our values. Those values were to become the measuring stick of what we accomplish with our life … if we let them. There is no problem at all with this idea. It is at the core of every civilization on the planet. And perhaps you can see such diversity in the idea of “values” found in various cultures.

Some tribes raise suicide bombers, and are so proud of this “accomplishment” (singular) of their offspring. And others say that they have “made it” after they have made their first million dollars. The various values on which we place value are what we have traditionally used to decide where we stand in life.

But there is an uncommon measuring stick. Uncommon in that the symbols that are present do not resonate with any of the existing stories of our culture. Indeed, there is an arena of “success” that has no symbols or icons. And that, I suggest, is the arena of the Rogue Mystic.

What I am talking about here is Love. But doesn’t Love have its own symbols and icons? Not really. Love with a capital “L” is creation itself. It is the God/Goddess at the very core of our BEing. If you go all the way in, you are LIGHT itself. And in that field of Light, “all that is” has equal measure. And this might seem like a failure of sorts. Nothing to show. No image to strut.

Let’s bring this Light into focus. What the hell is the point to finding the Light if there is no measurable prize? No quantifiable title? Well, the value is for you. It is for YOU, as You. It is Your Heaven on Earth. It is your own authentic expression of the Divine within. The idea is that there is not a single expression of heaven that can work for any two people. There is no definition of Divine success that will genuinely fulfill everyone. The Divine idea of success is your ability to be authentically You. You. Are you a sheep herder in the Himalayas? Are you a Diva on the Big Screen? Do you teach cooking in Peru?

Your Soul is the portal of the Divine within you. You might think of it as the connection within you. On one end is your ego. And on the other, is the Light itself. To have an authentic path from the Light within, all the way to this “you” that is reading this, is the template of what heaven looks like. The Rogue Mystic is unique. Each and every one of them.

There is an attribute that can discern if the prize has been won. And that is purity. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God/Goddess. For they shall know creation itself. And when they feel the ocean of Love flowing from their own Light within, it will be their own personification of that Love, as them, that will mark their success. And there will be over seven billion flavors of this “success.” Some will find it in this lifetime. And other Souls still have a journey within to make.

My soul put me here to language power. And the quality that decides how powerful you are is purity. How genuinely authentic are You to your own Divine template? To find the Light within you now is to cleanse your karmic imprinting. It is to return to Source consciousness. Using terms like Unconditional Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. Acceptance.

I cannot language your authenticity. But I can describe the mechanics of it. When you honor Your truth, and when you honor your values, IT shows up. Perhaps it isn’t the values that you were raised with, but rather, the values of your own Soul. Weed through the imprinting of your upbringing, and discard all that does not resonate with the Divine Light within you now. That is what will bring the Light within you, out of you.  You do not need to explain it. You do not need anyone to approve it. It only needs to resonate with You. When your cup is filled from within, you do not “need” anything, and can give Love without condition. When two or more can do that, all opposites unite. All things become possible. The healthy authentic Divine Masculine and Feminine. Purity from Source itself personified as us Human BEings.

You are here to be Pure Authentic You. New Humans Living their own authentic Lives.

Love You!



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