Playing our roles in this BIG Event

For many of us in this group, we are the old Souls. If you are on this mailing list, chances are very good that you are interested in a much bigger picture of what is going on. You are an Old Soul that is waking up to our bigger truths.

But that doesn’t make your journey predefined. In fact, there is a much bigger influence in how your life plays out. And that is your ego. What? An ego trumps a Soul? Yup. Sure thing.

For many of us, we chose, as souls, to come down here as a member of a soul group. Souls who perhaps have spent many lifetimes together. Who have taken turns playing out the villain and the victim with each other. Many lifetimes spent learning the many different ways it feels to be a human being.

Yet, although we may be old souls, we are also new humans too. New humans in the sense that the memory of our times together have been erased from us. We are egos that are here in this incarnation. And as such, these latest egos don’t remember. For myself, I have felt very deep connections with some of the people in my life, and I thought we would be connected for the duration of this incarnation. And yet, up steps the egos, and the whole arrangement(s) takes a blunt turn to disconnect us. So be it. We are here for the HUMAN aspect of us to master life.

Yet when it happens, when two old souls get through the place where the egos are “concerned” and want to “play it safe,” those souls have an uncommon tether to the biggest effect possible as human beings. “Where two or more have gathered.” Enter personal power.

Sure, you can share a common story as soul mates. Being beggars at the market. Being slaves to the king. Playing out some storyline at the bottom of the karmic gene pool.

But THIS lifetime is different. Very different. Exceptional, really. In THIS lifetime there is a unique advantage. And that advantage will not be here in the very next lifetime. For in this lifetime, we are still quite immersed in the darkness of the collective. Sure, the vibration of our human species has risen a lot already. We are making tracks towards the light. We are at a higher consciousness collectively than whenever any of us were first born in this lifetime.

Another unique thing about this lifetime is the information we have available to us. It previously wasn’t possible for so many human beings to understand the bigger picture of our soul journey. In just this last lifetime, the information about the higher realms of human consciousness were not available to the masses. 5D/sacred geometry/quantum effect. Yet, here we are. Discussing the very nature of our own divinity. Discussing the fact that we are the God/Goddess incarnate. Right now. And then there is our own human potential. Our own human power. As the Divine incarnate. The Creator itself, personified as You.

Now enter two Old Souls. Now enter two Souls that KNOW the truth of who they are. Where THESE two have gathered, the mountains WILL move. When two Old Souls, two BEings of Light, incarnate with human bodies, coming together, that is the MOST powerful condition possible in Human Form.

Wow. Pow. Sign me up! LOL. Do you realize who you are? Do you recognize the Old Souls around you? Those who have been woven into your life path? Who have been the big players in the transformation of our human consciousness? And what has your ego made of it all? Egos tend to play it safe. They tend to make choices based on the past, ensuring that what happens is chosen and predictable. It takes an exceptionally bold ego to let go. Completely. To train your ego to not be afraid is a very powerful thing to do, because that allows the wisdom that only old souls have, which is to show up as New Humans. In this time around. Do you want to play BIG this time around? Look around at the Souls in your life and ask your ego how it feels about them.

My soul chose a lifetime for me that was anchored in understanding the nature of power from the beginning. Very early in my career I was working with high RF (radio frequency) power. And I love understanding the deeper aspects of the powerful nature of our Souls. I want to experience it all. To spend all of my opportunities saying yes! I don’t know how many times my voice has shaken when my ego didn’t know where my life was going. I suggest a powerful ego is one that can feel comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Trusting in the potential of the moment. Choosing to allow the biggest picture to unfold. This IS the lifetime to be BOLD. An uncommon opportunity for exceptional Divine power to manifest through our human forms. Incredible, really.

And you are here too. You are walking this journey too. Trust in the timelessness of your Soul. Your truth is untouchable by human intentions. The truth of you is safe. Now and always. You are safe to play it big. To learn to be so bold. For you will make it back to heaven. For all Souls go to Heaven. The Heaven within them now and always. Be that Old Soul, living life as the awakened New Human. New Humans Living … their Divine potential.

This time around is the perfect time to train yourself to play it BIG. Really BIG. Trust in your place in it all. Show up for your purpose. And watch your ego’s stance with the old souls in your life. Be brave enough to show up for the biggest story yet told.

To your everlasting Joy!

Love and Light,



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