Creating your own Heaven on Earth

Think about it. You are here NOW. You have chosen to participate in the most transformational time in perhaps all of our human history. This lifetime is exceptional on many levels. And here you are, now, front and center in it all.

All of human creation is an example of what lies before you now. The creation of the universe has no end. The creator didn’t have an end-game in mind. There isn’t going to be a day when it is all done. There is always another chapter in our human story. But what about THIS chapter? This story? It is all here for you.

The universe would not be complete without you. You are here now. You are here. You have a ticket. You are part of the story. The universe can see itself through your eyes. Your experiences. Your feelings.

Life loves to create. It is life’s very nature to express. And you are life incarnate. You are the thing itself. And you are here now as the vehicle of creation. There is a process to the art of creation. Inspiration into action. The idea, and the effect. Feminine into masculine. A timeless story really.

The art of creation can take some getting used to, that is, if you want to master it. And the reason for that is because it is responding to you. As your consciousness expands, your possibilities expand. And the secret is that there is no limit to where that can take you. But YOU need to really get that in order for it to offer you a new outcome.

Our human demeanor has a tendency toward habit and pattern. Our egos can have preferences, and that’s OK. But the universe has no stipulations. It has no real limits to what is possible. If we are to even give our immense potential a chance, we would need to open up who we are to allow more of our own potential to express in this moment.

Karma is about imprinting. Two of the most common arenas of our human demeanor on which our karma has an effect are our mental and emotional attributes. Indeed, if we are to get good at honoring our true potential, we would do well to dissolve our karmic imprinting. It’s kind of an odd riddle of the art of creation. By becoming empty, we actually become full. In other words, the more of our karmic imprinting that we can dissolve and resolve, the more free rein our soul has to influence our own thoughts, feelings, choices and actions of each moment of our lives.

The power play is to hold general ideas of what you prefer to experience. And then let your soul conspire with the universe to bring you NEW ways to experience that which you desire. As we raise our own consciousness, we become aligned with whole new arenas of inspiration. Yet that NEW inspiration can’t land in our consciousness if we have rigid expectations of what we want. It is the dreamer that has the best chance to live a full and dynamic life … at least when it comes to manifesting the new possibilities that an expanded consciousness has access to.

The whole notion of Heaven on Earth is the idea of human beings who have found the ocean of unconditional Love that lies within them, and have ALLOWED that Love full access to create as IT chooses. It is Love untethered. And it is the ego that can afford the BIG dreams to come true. Loosey-goosey is the key to a life lived over the top. An uncommon effect. An uncommon ability to master the art of possibilities that this and every moment holds. Heaven comes from allowing the Love to flow through you, as you. Without judgment or condition. Ready to ride the escalator to Nirvana?

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
~ John Lennon

Dream On.

Love You!

Les Jensen


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