You are where you will find God

The traditional model of several “World” religions is that there is a God out there,perhaps somewhere up in the clouds. Awaiting your “return” so that you can be judged based on how you chose to live your life. And then the “sentencing” follows. LOL.

Indeed, certainly the idea of God/Goddess being here now is not that common of a belief. Even the spiritual seekers are often looking “outward” to find the Divine. I don’t want to paint a picture that the Divine is in hiding. There are major cultures in the Eastern religions that affirm that God is to be found within ourselves. You can even mentally understand that you are a point of presence to the Divine right now. That there is in you now, a God/Goddess essence, that is the source of All That Is. Mentally you can get that. But to embody that can be a whole other story.

The journey to our truth is our journey to the Light within us now. We are BEings of Light that have moved into a 3D experience. 3D. From N-dimensional (infinite) into 3D. In order for us to even HAVE the 3D experience, we had to take a lot of our own power offline. I mean, how can you play out a human lifetime as a beggar if you are the “all powerful”? No really? How?

If you look at the many paradigms of suffering and victim storylines being played out by the millions of souls having that type of experience, how much power did you have to let go of? How can we even measure that power? In order to have a meaningful conversation about the Truth of our power, we would have to be on the same page as far as what IS this power that we speak of.

I suggest to you that we could paint the biggest picture possible, and still come up short. We could look up at the sky at night and get a tiny clue of how BIG All That Is … is. In other words, you could imagine the biggest idea of what immense power would look like, and you would still come up short in describing the Truth of how powerful you are when you have fully embodied the truth of you. It MIGHT seem like this conversation is borderline pointless in the sense of how we could even generate sentences to describe the Divinity within us now. And I agree. From my perspective, as the sages and mystics of the past have all done before us in trying to describe the truth, they had all taken to poetry. Rumi, a 13th century Persian Sufi mystic, comes to mind. How can we understand our greatness through our own mind? Well, we can’t. Our minds process symbols. And symbols can’t describe the Divine without serious compromise.

Those who have felt the Divine within themselves say that the ego is struck dumb in awe. Indeed, there was a moment in my own life when I completely lost my sense of self and was “brought” to a place of only Light. Exquisite. Blissful. No mind. No sense of self. No time or space. No-thing. No duality. I think my Soul took me “there” to help me understand the totality of our human nature. To be able to understand the nature of Divinity as much as a mind is capable of doing involves a natural progression of understanding our power. My soul first put me in front of very high-power television transmitters to understand the basic concepts of power and how to language that. And then, getting a glimpse of the “beginning and end game,” helped me understand what I was to spend the rest of my life trying to language in a meaningful way. In the beginning was the Light. I now write about the God/Goddess within us now. I don’t think for a second my words can do it justice. But I can certainly point to it with words.

With that said, don’t be mistaken, You are the thing itself. Heaven lies within you now. It will be a re-discovery. You came from the Light and to the Light you shall return. It is the timeless story of the Soul. So look at yourself in the mirror.  Look at your body. Think of your ego. All That Is … has created You. Your body. Your ego. Your karma. This took place so that the Divine could  experience this thing called You! The Divine Light personified as a human BEing.You are more precious than you can possibly know.

How did we surrender so much of Divine Power so we could have this human experience? We created our subconscious, and then loaded it up with our power in the form of karma. And the journey back to the Light is the journey we have with our own karma. Resolve the unresolved in you now, and you will BE only Light. EnJoy the Journey.

You have the BEST seat in all of creation. Your life. Your purpose. Your passions ARE the Divine expressing itself. Look no further than yourself for the best access point of the Divine. To the God/Goddess within you now.

I Love your Light! Let it shine!

Love You.

Les Jensen


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