Taking the “Big Picture” approach

We are all on our own journey. No two look alike. Yet the principles behind our human experience are timeless and impersonal. When we can get the bigger picture, we can start to make choices that are more effective at returning us to our own authentic truth.

What I really enjoy about my own journey is how it hinges around power. Not the dictator type of power (that would be force) but rather the power of Love. And the scale of human consciousness is a vast exponential scale of the power of Love. And in this spectrum of human consciousness, we are able to leverage that Love on the darkest of dark collective consciousness. This opportunity will not be available to have as a human experience on THIS planet for thousands of years. Because the darkness is returning to the light. Already, the collective has moved out of darkness. This opportunity is fleeting. And THIS lifetime IS the time to rock it like you own it. Delve deep into Love. And seize the opportunity.

So what is your relationship with power? Or rather, what is your relationship with your truth? Same question really. The thing is, your truth does not have any limits. But in order to embody the truth of who you are, you might want to consider your idea of who you really are.

Everything is on the table. And your relationship with everything is your relationship with your power. That might seem vague. But not really.

The thing about the spectrums of karma is that wherever you are holding a grip, you are losing your power. Loosey-goosey has the most advantage. Come to me as a child. Empty. Void. Lucid. And then Love/Power can have full-spectrum effect within you, as you, through you. That is what Goddess told me when I asked Her. She will answer if you ask.

One example of that is the notion of spectral posturing. Any posturing. For example. Let’s take a glimpse at this with the notion of personal power. Using the model of a spectrum with the notion of personal power, let’s consider what we see in society. So imagine a pendulum. Resting, the pendulum is holding still. Right in the middle. Neither left nor right. And now let’s add posturing. Let’s move the pendulum all the way to the right. Perhaps this is the iconic idea of power. The symbol of power.

Perhaps this is a luxury car. A mansion on the hill. The chief executive officer of a major corporation. All these “things” are icons. Symbols that represent the notion of power.

Now let’s swing the pendulum over all the way to the left. Perhaps here we see no icons of “worth.” Perhaps a homeless person panhandling at a street corner. Sleeping under a bridge. No place to call home. No thing that holds any symbolic notion of power.

These two examples are a good model of attachment. In truth, they are both equally stuck. They both are “attached” to a sense of self. A stuck spot in a spectrum of possibilities. Perhaps if you were to swap these two people, they would both feel out of place. And perhaps terrified. One side attached to things and accomplishments as a sense of self-worth. And the other side unable to have any sense of personal power. The powerful place to be is to understand that the true source of your power comes from your ability to Love. Everywhere. Everything. To see that the Love in your Heart IS the power of Love personified is to understand your truth. That Love from within cannot be lost. It cannot be identified by any one symbol without serious compromise.

Of course, neither is right or wrong. And there is “God/Goddess” in both/all scenarios. I suggest the power comes from not being identified with any sense of self. As the Buddha said, no attachments. Does that mean you can’t have a giant corporation? Can’t? There is no can’t in the infinite potential within you. The trick is your relationship with it. It would be easier to get a camel through a needle than a rich man to Heaven. The Heaven spoken of is within you now. The dance of the Divine, in this chapter of our human story, is the connection you have with the Heaven within you now. In other words, how connected are you to the Divine within you?

Your life story might be the biggest yet ever told. There is no right or wrong to your story. Your soul might have you create a huge corporation as a vehicle of Love for humanity. Or perhaps you wandered around the country with the toga costume from college, hitchhiking around the world, spreading Love everywhere you go. To be free of the HOW is the doorway to allowing Love to do as it may. I suggest using Joy to measure your alignment with your truth. When the ego feels Joy, is it is in step with the Divine idea of your life. And to not be attached to WHAT is to bring that joy, allowing every day to be what it needs to be. To embody Love is to bring the feelings of Joy to the ego. Got Love?

Love You,



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