There is a gift awaiting your desire for it

I remember when my kids were first learning to play soccer. The game was won by whomever’s team had a kid that figured out the principle of making a goal. Most of the kids didn’t know or care what the objective was. The goalie would be making grass huts and actually be offended if the ball came too close to his new “village.”

Our experience of being a human being can be the same way, since the vast majority of humans on the planet are entrenched in karma. We can spend a lot of our own energy just getting through the day, often arriving home mentally and emotionally wiped out.

But there is another way. It can take some considerable effort. It has to do with cleansing your own karma … cleaning out your subconscious karmic imprinting. And if you do that, you are standing at the doorway to a completely new way of living. Living a life based in Love. Spending Love like you just won the Love Lottery, giving it away without condition or cause. Love is a curious thing. It runs very deep. It can always expand. The amount of Love available is always able to expand. This can take some time to understand. And yet it can always show you even more too.

Start with self-love. Loving yourself just the way you are. Paying attention to what you prefer. Being able to say “no.” Honing in on your own personal preferences. Love will start to become your preference. You will start to prefer to Love yourself. And then Love makes itself at home … in your own heart. This is the entry point to living in Love. But Love runs very, very deep. It has a way of always giving you even more. Once you start opening to Love, it sets off a momentum. A momentum of expansion. You start to see the value in loving what is. As it is. Without condition or cause.

This starts you on a completely different path in your life. Your soul smiles. Your heart becomes excited to Love even more. And the idea of ever returning to the “old ways” just doesn’t seem inviting.

The first human beings who are able to embody unconditional Love receive the prize of an uncommon sense of personal freedom. A deep sense of peace in their hearts. And waves of overwhelming joy for their egos. Love personified. Love as You.

Love a little bigger today and see how it feels to you.

Love You,



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