Co-creating Heaven on Earth

Humanity is at such a powerful place in our human evolution. A big part of that is based on where we have been. On this planet, we are coming out of the age of darkness … where egos have tried to create their “wealth” from the exploitation of others. War, slavery and exploitation fill the pages of the past. But now, this now, we have reached a huge turning point. We are standing at the doorway to the greatest expansion of our human potential that perhaps we have ever experienced in our human storyline. Every single person is an infinite point of potential. And billions of us are wakening to that truth. We are waking up … waking up to our true potential.

I could have called this blog “Living Your Potential.” But I would have been missing something about the nature of the universe. Where two or more have gathered … possibilities expand well beyond what could be with only one. The Divine Feminine is the arena where this powerful aspect of our human potential resides. Re-awakening the healthy feminine of our human nature will be the game-changer in this next chapter of our human story. And the root of that power is Love. It is one thing when a person looks at the collective story and feels the compassion of Love towards our human condition. But where two or more have gathered, the Love expands without bounds.

Get out your virgin eyes. Look again at your everyday experiences. And see the Love that is everywhere. Love is there. I suggest Love is the fabric of the universe. Yet is could easily be argued that if there is so much pain and suffering on this planet, then how could there be Love in that? I get that. I understand that our ego eyes can cry foul. Sure enough. But our ego eyes are looking through a lens. You didn’t have an ego the day you were born. You grew one. And it is loaded with posturing. With judgment. The ego is a symbol processor. The ego, by its very nature, quantifies and sorts based on a perspective of perceived values.

Yet there is a place of Love that holds unconditional Love. There is a place of consciousness within you now, that was there the day you chose to go into the darkness. Our souls chose to create a canvas of darkness. There was a moment when your soul said, “Let’s do this.” And it took the first step out of knowing the truth. We chose to forget. We chose to separate from our knowing. That first step was Divine, as has been for the entire journey.

Your truth is untouchable by human intentions. We were always safe. We were always living within the fierce freedom granted us to express as we choose to. Even the darkness is a Divine choice. Once you cleanse the lens of your Soul, you can see the Divinity of it all. And it is from that perspective that it is all seen as being just Divinity expressed. As Rumi said, “The profane becomes sacred again.”

There is no finish line. There is not a single moment when the intent of the creator completes. It is a timeless story of the infinite aspects of our souls playing out the possibilities as us humans incarnate. We chose to go into the darkness so that we could better see the most subtle aspects of the Light. And from that perspective, we create vast new vistas of possibilities. I mean, how could you sing the blues, from a place of knowing your truth? All of our artistic expressions come from the desires of our human nature. Our human nature. We are souls living out our human personas … as the canvas of possibilities. Infinite potential incarnate.

Ask, and it is given. There are no boundaries. There are endless chapters of possibilities awaiting our desire to create them. Look around. See the Love. Open your heart. Purify your vision. Find common collectives of Love. Give Love without concern. Let Love anchor in your heart once again. We have the potential to bring Heaven to Earth. In you. Thorough you. As You. Love Expressed.

Love holds the potential. Your Heart Knows the way.

Love You!



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