Tapping your infinite potential

We all have more personal potential to discover about ourselves. It arrives in any one moment. There is this ever-present “now.” Every moment offers an opportunity for a new idea or direction to show up for us. We can take a step back and look at the history of our human experience and see so many different eras and cultures in our human history. And I suggest that we are at the doorway of one of the most incredible yet. From my perspective, this chapter of our human story is without comparison. We are at the curve of an exponential shift in our human story. A shift that will be so vast and so spectacular, that this chapter will be talked about for quite some time to come.

The infinite potential of our human nature never dims. Ever. We are all a point of presence in a galactic hologram of consciousness. Countless new discoveries are suggesting the Oneness of life itself. Indeed, from quantum physics to the teachings of the ages, this idea of Oneness is starting to become more and more defined. And you are a point of presence of this Oneness … a Divine spark of life within your own personal energy persona.

If we were to take a step back and look at the journey of a soul, on this planet at this time, we would see a journey into separation. Where we start loading up our own psyche with a karmic disposition. By posturing with what is. We would see how we started, by shifting our human consciousness into our own subconscious. As we started having karmic experiences (posturing with the experience of the “now”) we would start taking our own energy and creating energetic signatures within our own subconscious, creating the first beacons that the Law of Attraction would start responding to. It wouldn’t be A LOT of energy at first, but our human demeanor is all about patterning. And patterning would be one of the first attributes that we would see about our “new” human nature.

As time went on, we would see more and more of the power of our own consciousness become surrendered to the patterning imprints of our own karmic disposition, increasing the amounts of energy we would store in our own subconscious. Since we all started out with an immense amount of personal power, we would have to deplete it if we would ever get around to exploring what it means to feel powerless in a situation. And we do that by shifting that personal power into our own subconscious as our own karma, thus creating themes of karma that are part of our personal karmic experience.

The more we would load up our subconscious, the more we would shut down our own intuition, our own psychic abilities. Certainly, karma shuts down chakras. Emotional posturing shuts down whole arenas of feelings, feelings that would have information for us. Mental patterning would shut down whole arenas of inspiration too. Thus we would we be well on our way to the feeling of powerlessness, unable to connect with the possibilities of the moment, even though we all started off as the very substance of creation personified.

This journey into the karmic darkness was known beforehand. Our souls knew what it was all about. We all collectively chose to go to the very edge of darkness. And now we are collectively on our way back, allowing the entire span of our human potential to be re-discovered by our naive egos.

Want to be a Power Player? Want to break out of the pack and accelerate your ability to create, thus returning to your truth and becoming more authentic? The collective consciousness of the planet is looking for authentic models of truth … those human beings who can see beyond our karmic imprinting, and start to re-embody the truth of who we really are. It is the journey back home. It is the cleansing of our karmic imprinting. It is the restoration of our chakras as energetic portals to the information of our environment, thus restoring our own intuition in all realms of creation … bringing a sense of knowingness to our everyday experiences … and bringing whole arenas of possibilities back online to our mental inspirations. And it is the cleansing of our emotional posturing so that our emotions can signal us accurately in the moment, without dropping into an emotional tsunami. Pure Authentic You.

To be able to see the nature of the journey, is to understand the value points of our own personal development. The most fundamental language of the universe is energy itself. It was there from the beginning, long before our own human language came along. Energy is behind every action and re-action that there is. Energy is why I am here. My part in this unfolding is to language the human experience of energy. And how power (Love) plays a role in it. My soul had me working with energy every day for my entire career. Creating, adding, separating, purifying, and transmitting very high power levels of energy (television signals), so I could describe our energetic relationship with the truth. So many people talk about frequency and energy, and how it relates to the Law of Attraction. Yet very few talk about power. At least very well. Power is the nature of our truth. It is what we shifted within our own psyche that allowed us to feel powerless, to play out the victim role. To play out the struggle and suffering that is so common on this planet.

The nature of our power is our relationship to our own truth. It was there from the beginning. And it awaits our return to it now. Human consciousness has a scale of power to it. You can listen to the words, the mental patterning of people, and soon understand their relationship to the universal truth. You can discern who the true leaders are. You can vet those that seek to influence the masses. And you can recognize the higher wisdom that is available from within you now. That soft inner voice that is there to guide you. That soul presence that is a portal to your own relationship to the truth.

Celebrate your journey. Do not be afraid. Know that your truth trumps all conditions and concerns. Rise above the collective and be the shining light that you are. It is found within you now. The truth cannot be destroyed. It awaits your desire to know it again. However, your mind will not know it, for the mind processes symbols and relationships. The truth existed long before there were minds to comprehend it. You cannot language the truth without severe compromise. You will know the truth through your own heart. And that truth will provide you an infinite well of possibilities. Your infinitive potential online. Here  and now.

May the inspiration of your soul bring endless waves of joy to your ego. And may the Love of your own heart melt away any posturing with what is. For you are the thing itself. Truth personified. The truth will set you free again.

Love and Light,



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