Nobody warned me

I had no idea. Nobody ever told me to be careful. It seemed innocent enough, to just dabble with Love. What could go wrong? I mean, years and years of ouch and tears. Love seemed like a good idea. When I started to play with Love, I didn’t know what it would end up doing to me. And I am pretty sure I can’t go back now. It is done.

Love is a most curious thing. When you first start playing around with it, you can always put it down. Take a break. Get outside and stretch and relax. Love was a give-or-take sort of thing. You and it. A choice. A preference. Sometimes you were not in the mood for it.

But now, I am telling you so you will know. Be careful, because Love can overwhelm you. It can dissolve any sense of separation. All of it. And I am not just talking about other people. Or plants or pets. Or everything that lives on this planet, or even your idea of the heavens you see in the stars at night. There is a place where you slip away. This idea of “you” starts to show up in what you see outside of yourself. In every blade of grass. And behind every story or gossip. It just taunts the hell of of you. You start to see the Divinity of all that is.

We can see ourselves as growing up. This human being that has been born has spent some time going through childhood and such, and has even taken the time to learn the ropes as an adult. Sure. We all have gone there. But damn it, Love just wont’ stop once it gets a foothold in your heart, and if you are so careless as to PROMOTE it.

Well, there is just nothing that can warn you until it is too late. Your ears start ringing. Your body becomes a vessel for it. And there is a very curious part too. I would say it changes the viscosity of your soul. Or perhaps the viscosity of your ego, to bring it into alignment with your soul. I guess that makes the best sense. Since none of us had an ego when we were born, it IS that sense of purity that comes from within you. The viscosity of your inner consciousness starts to become so lucid and clear.  A purity in your own heart. And there is a point where it takes on a presence of its own. My ego can throw thoughts at it, but they just vaporize in the presence if this fierce Love.

Wow. If you are in Love with your story, stay away. If you Love the drama of the past, be careful there too. But something tells me that it is inevitable, and that we all will slip into it. And there is no known escape plan. There is a point where you start to see all of Life from this “beginning of time” perspective. As if there were this day, so many lifetimes ago, where you said, “Sure, let’s do this!”

So yes, bring your doubts, your worries and your concerns. And I will Love you. Tell me the stories of the monsters in the dark. And sure enough, I will see the Divine white Light behind your words, this glimmer of all that is. Tears will roll down my cheeks as my heart expands even more. Is there no end?

I Love You,



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