Trusting the Divinity of Your Life

So many sages and mystics have told us of the God/Goddess within us now. You are God/Goddess now. Well cool. Then I don’t have to do anything then … right? Well, don’t stop buying food just yet. Sure, there are infinite possibilities for your life available to you right now. But that doesn’t mean you will be able to experience them right this minute. Indeed, I am always careful with my language to ensure that I do not dictate what, or how, the Divine can show up in any one moment. Typically, there is never a COMPLETE re-arranging of life circumstances. Sure, there can be moments of full immersion of the Divine Light. But typically, there is a continuation of a relative life pattern. I say typically, in order to allow being proven wrong.

We are here for the journey. As a journey, there are many steps in between. There is an incremental progression of the evolution of our human consciousness and condition. But wait a minute … so what about miracles? Sure enough. The pacing and the temporal patterns of the past are available to be shattered with much more instant fulfillment of our wishes and desires. Yes, I would prefer to leave it open. But that doesn’t mean that the homeless shelters will be empty tonight. There are still people wrestling with a sense of safety, or a sustainable paradigm, in their everyday lives. So many millions of people would prefer to live a better life today. Yet that fulfillment will wait.

So how do we talk about infinite possibilities? Where does the truth lie? There is always room for the exception, but in general, there is a notion of personal power. I can look at my own experience of it. I do energy work. In other words, I influence the personal energy persona. Energy work is about changing the energetic composition of a person’s karmic collage of energy. When I first started out doing energy work, I would “move the energy” in a relatively small quantity. But as I cleansed my own energy persona, my energy modality changed. And it changed a lot. How I practiced my modality would change too. I now treat a much much larger scope of a person’s personal energy persona. I can feel immense amounts of energy being influenced when I do the work. That became possible as I increased the purity I was able to create within my own persona.

This is no different from when we want to change our own personal life. There is a karmic momentum to how we are experiencing our life, for the pacing of our karmic experience is directly related to how much karmic energy exists within our own personal energy persona. To embody the Divine, we can become pure. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall know God/Goddess. I suggest there is a point in our human evolution where there is no karmic momentum, and there is a much more instant effect in the manifestation of our own desires. To embody the Divine is to have the creation process become much more immediate. Jesus would heal in the moment.

The mythology of our human story has many examples of such immediate effect. To purify your own energy is to become able to embody the Divine. It is actually returning to our truth. For we came from the Light, and we shall return to the Light, shedding our karmic imprinting along the way. For myself, I have had a constant personal energy cleansing practice for over a decade. And I still find large deposits of karmic accumulations in my personal energy persona. But overall, it is getting much much easier to rebound, usually within a few minutes, when I find myself stirred up by some imprinting from my past. As I purify my own energy, the vision of my life expands. My soul shows up in my everyday life too. There is a quickening. And my heart sings. It is a most delight-full place to hang out.

The Divine awaits our return. It is God’s/Goddess’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom. We can take as long as we want. Hell, we can even stop our evolution and go back into the darkness if we wanted to. Our free will allows us to make the journey, whatever we prefer. For myself, I know the next lifetime will not have this same immense karmic opportunity. This lifetime will not be reproduced in the future. We are living a most exclusive lifetime. This lifetime, right now. And to know that, I want to embody my Divinity as best I can, allowing for the broadest spectrum of human condition over the span of a single lifetime to exist embodied in me. Wow. Pow!

Trust in who you are. Know that your existence is all the permission you need. Thrust in your sickle. Purify your heart. Use forgiveness and compassion as the master creator that you are. Divine One!

Love to You!



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