You are the creator incarnate

It can seem like we are each experiencing a very human persona. And indeed, this body thing tends to be a very common factor with us humans. But there is a bigger story here. A much bigger story. The human body is the vehicle of choice in this lifetime. However, we were all souls from the beginning of time. And we will continue to be souls. Our “current” bodies represent but a moment of time, in the very long thread of time, on which this human story is playing out.

We are being upgraded. Our bodies, and even our DNA, are making a metamorphic transformation. But there is nothing to worry about. The DNA of humanity across the universe is something that has received a lot of intention and attention. For we all have a Divine blueprint within us. The Creator has our best interest in mind. The evolution of our human condition is certainly Divinely designed to maximize our experience of our physical universe. We are here for the human experience. We are here to be co-creators with the Divine. It is the intent of the Divine to create as we wish. It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Ask, and it is given. It is done unto you as You believe. The Father and I are One.

Do not look outside of yourself for the way. You are here to be authentic to You! Your Higher Self has a vision for your life. And it is like no other. Your gifts have no comparison of value. The idea of what heaven means to You is what will bring heaven to your everyday experience. Your heart knows the way. The only time you can ever experience heaven is right now. And now, etc. Today is the only day possible. Thrust in your sickle. Create as you choose. You really don’t have a choice, so to speak, because you are the one who creates everything you experience at some level. You will be creating as you chose … and as you choose … in every moment forever. But you can become conscious of that creation process that is fulfilling every moment of every day in Your life.

When we live in our heads, we tend to create based on what has worked in the past. The ego likes knowing the outcome. The ego likes predictability. And as such, the ego will perpetuate more of the same. But don’t beat up on the ego. Sure, it can get you stuck. But it is your ego that has gone through so many life lessons, and so it can certainly be tired. Tired of struggle and suffering. Tired of seemingly no effect on your life path. How many of us have tried to change our lives, only to give up feeling that it is no use? Nothing seems to work. All we get is more of the same.

That feeling of being stuck can be related to the amount of your subconscious imprinting. A karmic propensity. You can think of your subconscious as a lens through which you see all of life. It can make it seem like life has a very predictable behavior. Yet if you were to question a cross section of the 7+ billion people on the planet, they would ALL have a different perspective on life. So, which view of life is correct? Every one of them. They are all different, yet they are all correct. For it is done unto you as YOU believe.

Do not fret. Do not worry. You are a timeless soul having this seemingly mortal experience. If you so choose, you can bring your ego up to the level of your soul. A re-union of your higher self. It does take some effort. It does have a journey attached to it. Nobody goes from the darkest of darkness into pure white light and stays there. For we are here for the human experience. It IS the journey that we signed up for. The incremental progression of our own consciousness. Make no mistake. I am not saying that we cannot make HUGE changes to our human experience in an instant. Miracles are the norm of soul-level living. And the next chapter of our human experience will be loaded with miracles.

Relax. Breathe. EnJoy. You can’t do it wrong. You can’t do anything wrong. Right and wrong are a creation of our human mind. As stated by Rumi, a famous 13th-century Persian poet & Sufi mystic, “Both light and shadow are the dance of Love.” This is all here for you. The universe would not be complete without You in it. You are the eyes through which the universe can see itself. The entire universe is a canvas of creation. And you are that creative power incarnate for the very purpose that Your will decides how your life goes. Your desires ARE the desires of the creator. There is no separation. You are co-creating the future of all that is. That is how important You are. Own it. For there is no option. You ARE here. Therefore, you have been chosen as a co-creator of all that is. So create as YOU choose. In your most authentic way. For there are no limits to what you can create.

BE the Rockstar that You are!

Love Love Love (YOU)



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