What are you broadcasting to the Law of Attraction?

Your inner chi: Chi = energy. It is your inner energy. It is you casting your vote for the future.

Everything happens energetically first. The last thing to happen is that the atoms move. In other words, whatever is to be happening in the near future exists now as an energetic condition.

When you build a house you start with an idea. A mental form of energy. The idea of the house exists first as a thought (mental energy). The very last step is to pick up a hammer and build it (atoms moving). The physical world is the last step. Our eyes are only watching the last step happen. (Our physical eyes cannot see the mental and emotional energy of what is shaping our future. Our third eye, or psychic ability, can see the energy shaping our future.)

We are watching the energy of the past, showing up in the present. Another metaphor is a whip. The handle of the whip decides what the tip of the whip does. The tip of the whip is the consequence of the handle’s actions. Move the handle and the tip follows.

Your thoughts and feelings of today are the handle of what will happen tomorrow. You are creating your future experience through the energy you are creating today. Your energy is like a karmic vote you are casting for the future.

Enter the subconscious, that place where karmic momentum is created. Your subconscious stores energy. It is storing the energy of your own consciousness. And, over time, this stored energy is creating signals for which the law of attraction responds … like a beacon broadcasting a signal into the universe asking for a karmic teacher.

For the vast majority of humanity, it is their subconscious energy that comprises the majority of energy that is interacting with the law of attraction. You can do affirmations until the cows come home and still not change your karmic condition very much. Not unless you change your inner chi. Not until you clean out your subconscious. You can think of your subconsciousness as a lens you look through to experience your life.

We have talked many times about the journey of the soul. From the light, into the darkness, and then the return to the light. It is your subconscious that creates the experience of the darkness. When your soul was born, there was no energy in your subconscious. Just pure light. And as you loaded up your subconscious, your experience of life moved into the darkness. The journey back to the light is the cleansing of the subconscious. It is the handle of the whip for your experience of the future. Until your subconscious reflects only your desires as pure energy, your unresolved karma in your subconscious will dilute the energy of your desires.

To master the art of creation is to cleanse our subconscious of any incongruent energy. When there is a single clear image of energy that is cast into the future, then the purity of that energy will have an exact effect on what is being created. The purer your energy the more precise your ability to manifest.

You are the creator incarnate. Trust in your ability to create the life that you desire. Take the time to cleanse your own subconscious, and your ability to create will become more accurate and effective.

Here’s to creating heaven on earth!

Love to You!



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