Discovering the Truth of Who You Are
How did you end up here in your own life? What is the history of your Soul that has brought you to this moment? Where are your karmic lessons based in this lifetime of yours? What role do you play in the collective unfolding? Can you master the power of Love in this lifetime?

We could ask a few hundred more questions about you and still have a hundred more after that. As a soul incarnate, you are more vast than any chapter or book. The truth of you is bigger than language can encompass without serious compromise.

All the mythology of our human story can be seen as a history of your own personal potential. The universe does not play favorites. You are here to discover the bigger truth within you now. What can that look like? What are you capable of?

That depends on You. You always have more to discover about your own personal potential. A never-ending story about possibilities. If you start right now, in earnest, you will not be able to reveal it all. And one of the best things about this infinite potential is how your ego can experience Joy in its unfolding. As you expand your ability to master your power, your ego feels wonder-full. To overcome struggle is a great feeling itself. There are oceans of joy within you now. Joy for the ego to feel as new possibilities open up on your own personal horizon.

There is a process to this unfolding. Flow. The flow of creation itself. Inspiration into action. From the feminine into the masculine. The infinite potential of the undefined that the feminine holds. From the intention, the feminine captures the inspiration of the intention and offers it to the masculine. The masculine takes the inspiration and brings it into form. It is the flow of creation itself. It is there for you to purify the ability to receive infinite potential of the feminine in you now, and to hone the focus and expression of the masculine, expanding the possibilities of your own future. Repeat that practice and your own personal power will expand. Getting your ego to trust the process will give you great strides in your ability to master creation itself, for it is a very powerful place to live.

Your ego is the regulator, at least at first. For so many of us, we live our whole life in our egos, not really giving our heart and soul much access to our everyday opportunities. It can take considerable effort to align the ego with your heart and soul. But the rewards are beyond belief. All the wonder-full stories of our own human mythology are just teasers of what is possible in your own life. Even Jesus said … Belly up to the bar dude! For you will do everything that I have done, and even more. I might have paraphrased just a bit. But you get the idea. Miracles are the new norm. Your relationship to the quantum field is the only limitation there is. Wonder what is possible? You can find out by becoming conscious of the act of creation. Trusting in your role. And nurturing your own self-love so that you can feel truly worthy of the kingdom of heaven within. Dream the impossible dream!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God (Creation). But that’s another story …

Love You. I do!



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