Harvesting the fruits of our efforts

We, the people, have reached a curious crossroad. On one end we are collectively emerging from eons of human struggle. So much struggle, suffering, domination and control. And yet on the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals who are moving completely out of that paradigm and moving into the Light. BEing able to embody the Divine Light within.

When we are feeling the pain of a difficult path, we can be motivated to take the easiest road out. That is certainly understandable. Sometimes taking that easy path is how you survive. And in our collective culture, there are so many of us who are seeking the better life.

If you take a big step back, and then maybe even another big step back, you can see the perspective of our souls. There were these really brave souls that chose to go far into the darkness. They chose to go to the very edge of darkness. Choosing to separate themselves from the truth. To completely forget who they are. To shut down their own intuition and feelings and live completely in the ego. Totally connecting their beliefs to what their eyes tell them. To completely separate from their own personal power. To surrender to the deepest and darkest experiences possible.

They made arrangements for help too. They made agreements for Divine beings to be waiting for them at the gates of heaven. Beings of unconditional love. Yet the reunion was not guaranteed.

WE are those souls who chose to take the bravest of paths possible. You and me. And here we are. The real gift of choosing such a difficult journey is for the experience. Do you know what it can feel like to appreciate the slightest improvement with your connection with the truth? We have been in the darkness so long that we can see even the smallest difference in circumstances. We can feel the slightest shift in light within our own life. To travel so far into the darkness … and then make it back out into the light … IS the journey itself.

Look up at the stars on a clear night. Look at all the stars. Imagine the trillions of galaxies. None of them just disappear. They are all the canvas of creation. Of experiences. And our own planet is one of those canvases of creation. There is no finish line. Just like everything in nature, the journey of souls is cyclic.

We start off as new souls. Coming for the Divine Light. From the One. As new souls, we have no karma. We also have no experience. No idea of what our human experiences could entail. As fresh souls we have the fewest of desires. Little to no attachments. Naive to the feelings of fear in which an ego can get trapped. Clueless to the desire for peace. For rest. For “salvation.”

So we enter the darkness. The school of souls. We choose and allow ourselves to forget. And the darkness takes its toll. WE are on the other side of the darkness now. We are experienced souls. We have been through the storm. There are still a few more storms to come. But overall we have made it though the dark night of the soul. WE are experienced souls. Having passed through the most difficult of all human conditions. Your soul is moving toward graduation. To be able to once again completely embody the light. Having passed the most advanced classes in human experience possible in this vast universe. That is how impressive and powerful you are. Bravo! Bravo!

But don’t let go yet. In fact, don’t let go at all. What I mean is, don’t take the offer for an easy escape. Just because we can see the light again, doesn’t mean there are no beings that want our sovereignty for their own vanity. There are those beings that are fishing for souls. Fishing for followers. Souls that are coming out of the darkness not yet knowing where the promise of heaven will be found. Souls that will drink others’ koolaid. Understand that when prophets, popes and those who call themselves messiahs want you to join their “vision” of heaven, that they want you to follow their teachings. You CAN get stuck in the last mile. You can surrender and thus delay your return to heaven.

We chose as souls to go through the darkest of darkness to be right where we are right now. Move your journey to within your own being. Look nowhere else for heaven. For that is where the greatest gift will be found. That gift is you. The truth of you. The Divinity of you. That is where the greatest of experiences can be felt. WE are about to graduate from the most advanced school of human experience in perhaps the entire universe. Don’t stop until you discover the Light within you now.

There is a way to measure the intent of all deities … of personas that are closer to the light than you might be. There is a wake in the language of unconditional Love. When we asked for help, we asked that genuine unconditional love be waiting for us as we came out of the darkness. And unconditional Love is here for us now. But as with all karma, the choice is always there. For us to return completely to the light is for us to not let go of our own personal sovereignty.

Listen for Love. When you hear unconditional Love, it will always have us on our own path. It will always keep us connected to our own Light, and keep us looking within ourselves for the return to our truth.  There will be no offerings of “salvation” in a path outside of us. There will be no suggestions to follow another. Any other. The last mile has no prophets, priests, popes or posturing. The last mile is all you. So don’t let go of your own personal sovereignty. The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you now.

Love You. I do.



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