Knowing who you really are

Be still. Yet flow.

When we consider ourselves as a soul living in this human body, there are some serious benefits from truly knowing who we really are. A soul is beyond any mortal concern. What I mean by that is your soul knows who it is. And in that knowing, it never frets or worries. So why would you? Know that your most authentic self was there before you were born, is here with you now, and will be there after you shed this mortal body. To genuinely know that, not just believe it, but to actually know it … will set you free.

No matter what happens in this life of yours, your own Divinity is assured. There is no need for salvation, for you are the thing itself, right now. No matter what happens to your physical body, you are safe.

Speaking of your body … your body is made of Mother Earth. All of the atoms that make up your body right now were “being” something else not that long ago. Science suggests we completely replace all of the atoms in our body all of the time. You get hungry and you put atoms in your mouth. And later, you let some back out too. And you flush some of who you were away on a regular basis. It is your soul that manages your body. The moment your soul becomes disconnected, all your atoms return back into Mother Earth again.

You are not your atoms. You are not your body right now. Sure, you have atoms that make up your eyes so that you can read this. And there is a brain that interprets the signals from your eyes. But none of that could exist, let alone function, if it were not for your soul. The “consciousness” you are using to read this is all soul. There is no consciousness “in” your brain.  But rather, your brain is the control panel that your soul uses to control your body. It makes your heart beat. It makes your lungs breath. It makes your digestive tract work. This is not your mind at work. Rather, it is your soul that regulates your blood sugar. Not your mind. You didn’t even HAVE an ego when you were born. All parts of your ego have been made up. Created. A streaming pattern of conditioning. All riding on the consciousness of you own soul.

So relax.

Take a deep breath and just relax. The truth of you cannot die. The truth of you is beyond the reach of mortal intentions. You are safe now and always. You are a Divine creation now. And in that Divinity, there is immense power. Power beyond the mind’s ability to recognize, let alone master. To be able to access the inherent power within you now, is to be still. To be still and just flow. For your power can only be accessed in the “now.” This now. Oh wait, I mean this now. LOL.

The wisdom of your heart and soul are presented in the moment. To train your ego to trust that is to quiet the mind and just be. If there is anything that would present concern, your insides will tell you. Even when there is nothing going on in the outside that would alert your ego. Your power comes from within you. Your soul will flow a stream of inspiration to you. But you will most likely miss most of it if your mind is engaged in the outside world.

Still your mind and just BE. As you can do this more and more often, you will catch moments of inspiration. As you can do that, and then trust it enough to take action on it, you are creating the flow of creation itself. Over time, your ego will let go, and just allow the flow of your soul’s intent into your everyday life. Your thoughts, choices, and actions will take a whole new direction. And the power of your heart and soul will have found a place to express itself. In you, through you, as you.

You are the creator incarnate. Create!

Love and Light,



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