Arriving into the knowing

We are the Light. Period.

In a sense, it is that simple. Yet as our egos go looking for this truth, we tend to focus on the storyline that is happening outside of us. The Light comes from within us. We all still have some baggage from our past. Some karmic momentum. Some junk in our trunk.

I like the visual of an old-style coat rack. In the center is the pole that holds everything up. And for this visual, imagine that that pole is a super-bright light. As we start to hang coats on the rack, we start to cover up the light. Those coats represent our own karma. In the simplest sense, karma is everything that isn’t pure white light. For us as individuals, our karma can be thought of as a density. Denseness.

To draw another visual, imagine putting on long underwear. And then roll around in the mud. Then put on another layer of clothes, and roll around in the mud again. Do this over and over until it feels so heavy that you don’t even try to do anything that is very hard. You feel so heavy that you surrender to the weight. You become accustomed to the density of what you are wearing. You become used to moving slowly and planning very little through your day.

These visuals are metaphors for your karma. And here you are now. How loosey-goosey do you feel? How clear does your energy feel within you now? For many of us, it just feels “normal.” But like a low-grade flu, no matter where we are in our spiritual journey, we become accustomed to the density of our energy. Our inner chi (or qi).

History has shown us countless images of saints, mystics and prophets with glowing head and hands. Where there is a halo of light around their heads. These are spot-on. And each and every one of us will return to that experience ourselves. For all of us will return to the experience of pure light. No karma. Just Divine white light. The return to our authentic truth.

It is that karmic momentum that has us living in this seemingly separate experience. The journey home is to disrobe the past. To energetically shed the karmic propensities of the past. That IS the journey itself. It is a sacred path. The profane is the sacred.

To remove the imprints of the past is to move toward the Light within you now. Your body is the canvas of your karma. Give your body your attention. All through the day. Your body is the vehicle of your karmic release. When you feel upset it shows up in your body as a feeling. That itself is an opportunity to take off another layer of karmic clothes. To release it is to feel it. Without posture or prejudice. Just feel it.

As you get more and more comfortable with just feeling, then the amount of karma you can release in the moment expands. And you start to learn how to return to the Light in an accelerated rate. Love is the cleanser of your karma. Love is the Light itself. Practice loving yourself … giving yourself all the forgiveness and compassion you need. For you are innocent now. You are perfect now. And you are complete now and always.

Love you.



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