What is Your Life Purpose?

Honoring your power and your purpose. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your life purpose? What plans have you laid for its fulfillment? Don’t tell me, tellyou. You have so much potential inside of you now.

I remember the first time I wrote a book. It took me 6 years. And then I threw it all out. What the??? I was apparently warming up to the notion that I was to be an author. I had written many sections of the book over a 6-year period. And the whole time I was actively and aggressively cleaning up my karma. Practicing new concepts that came into my understanding. I would contemplate the nature of karma, and then I would develop ways to test it to see the effect. And I learned a lot. But during those 6 years, my language changed. I was beginning to write much more eloquently. In the beginning, I would write pages and pages to convey a concept. Because I didn’t totally understand it myself.  And over 6 years, my writing had changed so much. So I started over.

In late 2009 I finished my first version of Citizen King: The New Age of Power. This would be my second book, but the first one to actually hit the market. I would write several more books before I started all over again. And now, my latest book, Citizen King: The New Age of Power (version 2) is a much more powerful book. And then there are more in the works. It turns out when you write about human consciousness, it encompasses a huge arena. We are such multi-faceted beings.

My point is, figure out what you are here to do, and then get to it. So often the vision our soul has for our life can seem as if it relates to a time in the future. And so it may. But start now. Now. What can you do today to bring it into clearer focus? Journal about it? Get out a blank piece of paper and write down all the thoughts you can have about it. Take some time to do this. As you spend time thinking about it, you will get hits about it. Hits of information. Hits about the vision of it unfolding. When you spend enough time focusing your attention on what your life could look like, you will get inspiration about possibilities. Start there.

If your vision has you being a writer, and you do not really see yourself as that, start anyway. Start with simple steps, and don’t get too emotionally attached to the outcome. Perhaps write a blog, or perhaps contact a newspaper or magazine and submit articles for publication. When you start in the slightest way, you are creating an opportunity for more. You are creating the very vibration of your soul, with the actions of your ego. As you do this, you will get better. And you will also have better beliefs about yourself. Better skills in making it happen. Better exposure too. It all gets better when you can show up for yourself. As you get better, the vision of your life gets bigger. Let it. It’s OK to let yourself get excited about a really big version of what your life can be. In fact, as you spend time envisioning it, you are moving your vibration into alignment with it.

As I write these words, I am sure they are many hundreds of thousands of words after those first words I wrote way back around 2003. And I know I will probably write a few million more words … all focused on what it means to love yourself, and to honor that love with action.

Thank you for reading my words. I offer them with Love.

Love to you this day and every day!

Love and Light,



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