You were born with it

There is happiness present within you now. You are enlightened now. You are a precious Soul right now … no matter your condition or past. These are inherent attributes that all of us possess.

We can lose track of who we think we are. Our ego can become attached to judgment of ourselves. And there is an aspect of our collective media that certainly re-enforces this mindset. There is the notion that those people in the spotlight of the media are in some way “special.” And that we are not. Or perhaps we are not as special. It is important to note, however, that the value we assign to people, conditions and statures is all created in our own minds. The value we assign creates the desire itself.

It can be a slippery slope. There is the inner desire. A better paradigm. Perhaps a better job, car, home, spouse, family, country, or condition. And what are we to think and feel if we do not have these things in our own life now? If we are desiring something better, there must be some attribute to it that we want to have. And once we have it … well then.

The relationship we have to what we are attached to with our own desires is a choice. When we can find the value with where we are at right now, then we can appreciate what we have and what we are right now. The conditions we put on what makes us happy are the great deciders. The more conditions we put on our happiness, the less of it we have. Loosey-goosey does the trick.

Take a big step back. And perhaps take yet another step back. What we are going for here is the perspective of your own Soul. The big guy. The big cheese. The Divine aspect of yourself. When you look at your life and current condition from your soul’s perspective, you’ll see that there are gifts all over the place. Everything our ego would call a problem or difficulty is actually why we are here. We are coming out of the darkness. Out of the darkest of darkness.

If you are living on this planet at this time, you are living with a collective consciousness that has a long history of suffering and distress. I don’t have to language the condition of the world. But it might serve you to consider how long we have collectively been struggling with the basic human necessities. And it is amazing where you are right now. You are a conscious being. You wouldn’t be subscribed to this blog if you were wanting to drift along for a while longer. You are waking up to that bigger truth that lies within you now.

The glory of who you are was there from the day you were born. And you are just now waking up to a bigger picture of what that looks like. I can say that with absolute confidence, because you are an infinite being. There is always more potential to be discovered within you now. No matter how far you have come, there is always more. I think that is the coolest thing in the universe.

You can get good at increasing the rate in which you discover new aspects of who you are. You can get more disciplined in honoring that. And the possibilities for your future will expand as you do. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Chances are you are out in front in the personal development department. Why? Because you pursue those things that grow your understanding of who you really are.

Celebrate this day. Today. You are an innocent and divine personification of human potential. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. Don’t get attached to any ideas that the future holds your victory. Don’t think for a second that you will be more valuable or worthy once you are enlightened. For you are enlightened now. If you don’t know that to be the truth of you, then your ego hasn’t let go. Enlightenment is a discovery, not a creation.

Let go of any attachments to what holds your worth. For you are perfect, whole and complete right now. You are on a journey of remembering your timeless truth. Absolute truth. Celebrate this day of your journey back home. To the Kingdom of Heaven within you now.

Love and Light,



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