You always have more to discover about yourself

There are not very many people who are exceptional examples of what human beings can accomplish. If you think about it, if our academic arena were able to effectively tap the power of an individual, there should be legions of rock-stars or super-stars in our culture.

The infinite potential of our human nature never dims.

Those are just words unless we can create an effect from them … where we can create lasting change from the power of those simple words.

Enter karma. The lesson itself. The only thing between you and your dreams coming true. How many years have you been on your spiritual path seeking enlightenment or the truth? Or if spirituality isn’t your cup of tea, how many ideas have you followed through into completion? How effective are you about capturing a vision from your heart and soul, and then taking action on it all the way through to completion?

Don’t tell me. Tell You. And be honest.

You are never late arriving to the game. You can choose to lay on the couch and master the TV remote for all of your days on this earth. Nothing is required. You have free will. Now, and now … and forever more. It can wait another day. You do not have to do anything. Ever. It’s always your choice. Choose whatever you want. All these words are actual choices that human beings have to choose if they so desire.

But …

If you choose. If you can muster up the resolve. If you can hone the determination. If you can feel how much you deserve it. You, yes YOU, can be an example of what is possible in a single human lifetime. The universe is awaiting the next generation of titans. Giants among us. Whose visions transcend the mundane. Whose hearts sing the songs of the next chapters of Heaven on Earth.

Your age is none of your business. Your past has nothing to hold you back. In fact, if you get good at creating flow … that flow can expand forever. It is the flow that happens when you ACTUALLY capture the inspiration of your heart and soul. And then when you ACTUALLY follow through with action … you bring that inspiration into form. This is the process of creation itself. For YOU are the creator incarnate. Present are core aspects of your own human consciousness. When you take the time to focus yourself on the process of creating flow … you get information. You get experience. You get more intuitive about the process. And these attributes E-X-P-A-N-D as you use them.

You deserve it. You deserve to get good at honoring your own potential. You deserve to spend the time it takes to make your ideas come to light. Your ideas are worthy of your time. Honor them with your time. Honor them with your focus. Write them down. Contemplate what they would look like already fulfilled. What would the vision of your life be, if you were a powerful, capable and loveable human being? Loved, blessed and fulfilled.

As you create flow, you will attract more to you. The universe will respond to your intentions. Be patient with yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive your past. See yourself as a brand new being on this most beautiful planet. Look around. What does your life purpose have to offer the collective consciousness of THIS planet? Write a business model around it. What would the core values be? What would the benefits of the service that you provide look like? Take the time to figure that out. Take the time to daydream what a wonderful life would look like. Where would you live? What would your house look like? What parts of the day would you create? What would you do for recreation? Play with it. Shape it. Draw it. Write it. Say it. Sing it. But do … DO create it.

And EnJOY the ride!


Love You!



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